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About this blog

A record of small and miscelaneous gamedev-related things that I'm doing.

Entries in this blog


The future of one aspiring game dev

I've wanted to avoid making posts like that. I'd prefer something that would be fun to read, and a self-therapeutic stream of consciousness is not my idea of fun. But everything tells me that it's what I need. I've tracked my motivation and mood problems down to feeling a lack of control. There are circumstances in my life that seem impossible to change, at least if I keep doing things the usual way: slowly and steadily working at my real job and doing my hobbies in the off-time. The nature of my job and other circumstances make this an extremely demotivating long-term perspective. At the same time, it's probably the most realistic one. But it seems keeping realistic just isn't going to get me anywhere, so I've decided that a healthy dose of self-delusion is in order. Namely, I'm going to delude myself into thinking that my next hobby project is going to be achieved in a reasonably short time-frame, get published, and become a moderate financial success. In other words, let's get younger by a few years (at least mentally). Of course, for the delusion to work, the ideas can't be completely out there, but at the same time they have to be ambitious enough to appear commercially viable. So, I'm going to devote some time on this blog to simply searching for ideas and developing concepts. Hopefully, I can make this somewhat entertaining. If not, then therapeutic. P.S. I guess to make it not a complete waste of time, there's a few illustrative doodles. 🙂



Introduction and walking a dog

The week after finishing the Frogger challenge was pretty tough. It was the first time I could say with some measure of confidence that I had completed a project, but the usual doubts came back with a vengeance. I still don't feel confident, but at least confident enough for a blog with "small and miscelaneous things". My recent chore is walking my sister's dog, and with this inspiration I've been working on and off on a prototype involving that activity. First I spent a while drawing dogs, actually. A miscelaneous thing that emerged as a result: Today I finally got down to prototyping in earnest, in 2D, but I probably want to eventually switch to 3D, which I consider my stronger suit. You walk between waypoints (or can take a rest with the "Stop" button). I thought this would free the player up to focus on other things such as commands for the dog (which I haven't gotten to work yet), but now I see that it would be much more natural to just point and click to go to a spot. Anyway, I don't yet know... well, a lot of things. Ideally there'd be an element of training. And the small matter of displaying the leash, especially combining it in an intuitive way with the length slider. Maybe there is a grain of fun to this. I certainly like an AI companion, regardless of how primitive its behavior is at the moment. Except I'm afraid that a big part of the charm comes from the clean 2D look, and I don't know if I'll be able to transfer it to 3D.



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