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About this blog

This is a blog to keep people updated on Game development of "The forlorn Planets"
The game is currently under development by myself and a friend of mine

Entries in this blog


Dog Days

Just wanted to do a quick update for anybody following our project, the forlorn planets.
It's been an incredibly busy summer for both of our devs. We have full time jobs 6 days a week and it turns out Summer is very busy in all the spare time we usually have.
We even got together once or twice to discuss scaling down our project, but never actually got together to put that into code.
Finally a couple days ago we reluctantly agreed to just wait for winter and then continue with the regularly planned game.
With that said this will probably be my last update till about October. Thanks to everyone who checked out our former blogs and even followed, but for the time being we're putting this thing to rest.
God bless and thanks for reading  

SIr Pep

SIr Pep


Moving Forward.... And Up, Down, Left, and Right

Latest development... we are moving!!!!!
Actually our character has been moving for quite a while now, but the development team (my cousin) just finished up an npc movement script with targets, a nice array, and some animation directions with a snazzy custom algorithm to see which way it's going.

It's still a long way from being a stand-alone object that you can interact with, but I figured I'd upload a video so you guys can keep up with the development. 

PS: Most of the art and animation is is old and needs to be updated so ignore that... I'll probably hit you up with a couple more pictures one of these days again... Or maybe the development team (my cousin) will convince me to share some of his razzle dazzle, Mark Zuckerburg-esk code and you can marvel at it (Or not 😉) 🙃 Please don't harass the poor guy if I do.

Anyway that's all for today. God bless, have a good one, and enjoy the clip.
Feedback is always welcome 🙃   Test.mp4  

SIr Pep

SIr Pep


Been a long year already

As the title and all my activity recently (Or lack thereof) suggests 2019 has been a crazy one for the development team of the forlorn Planets!
As the few people who followed me at the start of this project in October probably noted, any and all updates and activity fell of a cliff in 2019, and I've finally gotten back with an update on the project.

I regret to inform you, that like so many great projects before it, we've crashed and we're giving up on it...   Just Kidding!! 😜

No Meningitis, or Bronchitis is keeping this project down!
But as you can probably guess 2019 hasn't been healthy for our game development. Time and health have been an issue, and I can only now finally see the development of the forlorn planets continuing.

I myself battled Bronchitis for about a month after I inflamed my lungs in early February, and the programmer is even now bedridden in a tough battle with Meningitis which is finally looking about over.

With all that said lets get this train moving again!! I'm sorry for the rather abrupt end to our development and communication if anyone was keeping up with the project, and I hope to do better from this moment on.
It's back to the drawing board as we finally got our character moving around nicely in late January on mobile, and are now about to start the exciting step of adding basic, and even in depth interactions to our character, and the NPC's. As far as the story, we really haven't moved further with that, and we've decided to leave that until the foundation of the gameplay is set.

Anyway, that's all for today. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive, and the project will begin moving forward again soon. Thanks to everyone who reads this, and God bless!

SIr Pep

SIr Pep

Time to Vote!

Hello again everyone!
I've been drawing away at this tent for a bit now, trying to figure out the best design for it.

It'll be the Protagonists temporary house at the start of the game, so it's pretty important but I can't decide which version to go with.
So I decided to let you guys decide Here's a picture of all three designs, please leave your vote in the comments and I guess tomorrow Morning I'll see which one you guys like best, and finish that one.

Have wonderful rest of your day and thanks for taking the time  

SIr Pep

SIr Pep


Blog 3, Year 1!

As 2018 draws to a close it brings only a new page and a clean slate for the development of "The forlorn Planets"!
The excitement I experience as I look forward on 2019 has many reasons.
Firstly this is will be the first full year of development on our Game "The Forlorn Planets", which we plan to eventually launch on Android,
It'll be a game similar to the likes of Harvest moon or Stardew Valley, except with a bigger focus on mining and tech in a futuristic world, and less on money and food, we plan on having a pretty immersive story, and a very nice nostalgic base of pixel art, as well as maybe some space shooter stuff (Big Dreams! )

But as I look back on 2018 I don't think I can finish this blog without giving some credit; I don't think I could be making this game without all the support from communities like this one, without the people on Youtube (Brackeys) and some bloggers (finalblueboss.com) who are there for people like me with big dreams and small budgets

But most importantly I would like to thank the most important one of all and that's God, for the very simple reason of TIME.
I battled (and still face) some pretty bad addictions in 2018, that without his overcoming power and Grace I would never have been able to overcome.
I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about... That crushing addiction you can't kick, that threatens your family, your life, and your reputation.
With those still in my life there's no way I could see half the future I so brightly see for this game today. And with God at the helm I'm not afraid to throw my all behind it, and get this out to all the people who'll be wanting to play it by the time it's done.
With that said I do realize that the hard times are far from over. Any dream like this one takes every bit of grit and determination to get through, and I can only pray God will continue to guide me and lead me, showing me the way and blessing the development of this game, because like I said, without him it wouldn't be happening.

And thanks to all you guys reading this blog! I appreciate the time you took to read it and hear what I had to say! Thanks a bunch!! 

God bless to all of you and a Happy New Year!!! Oh, and here's a mountain that'll be a major part of the game. Got a lot of work left on it!


SIr Pep

SIr Pep


Learning Curve

Christmas is now behind us. The Christmas break ends for me tomorrow where it'll be back to work and a little less time to work on the project.
The break was a fun one for the dev team. I managed to get caught up a little more on the art, but spent almost 2 full days learning pixel art and how to make it correctly.
On the programming side it was a break but the team will be starting on more tutorials tomorrow, making sure we're revved up and ready to go once the art is complete.
Below is most of what I've done the last 2 days. Like I said, most of it was spent reading tutorials, but today I put a bit of it into action and started on a mountain Tileset.
Most of it is still in rough draft. I have a lot of tiles to make and perfect for the mountain, and as I learn I'll continually be going back to touch up my old art, but that's all part of the process.
So for now I hope you had a wonderful Christmas like the team did, and c ya next time!

SIr Pep

SIr Pep

Pixel Day 1

Christmas Eve. Such a wonderful, busy, crazy time of the year, and here I am starting a blog on Christmas Eve! 😂

I decided today is as good a day as any, as I sit back and watch the snow fall in Manitoba Canada.
I started work on these hoodoos yesterday. They'll be the 'trees' in my desert planet for some interesting visuals.
The small and easy ones are done, and I guess I'll post the others some time during the holidays because I'll have a lot of time to work on this project.
Anyway, this first blog is more for me then for you guys. Just wanted to put myself out there and get this first blog out of the way to give you guys a little sight of this game as I work on it.

Have a merry Christmas to anyone reading this!!
May God bless your holidays, and my the light of Christ light up your holidays! ☺️

SIr Pep

SIr Pep

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