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Why Classic Games Are My Go-to

Video games in 2018 are certainly far more evolved than any of the classics, and anybody who denies that has probably been living under the rocks. The graphics of gaming in particular have really improved, giving off a more realistic vibe. One of the many games that has had an outstanding evolution is Telltale's The Walking Dead. If you look at the graphics and the way the game runs in season one, you'll find a lot of faults. But if you fast forward to the most recent adaption, the final season, you'll notice that they've improved in a big way - the graphics are better, the client runs better and the story itself has also come a long way.  However, in spite of this, I still find myself far more drawn to classic games - old indie games, arcade games, that sort of thing. I have many a reason for this, and for me to try to sum it up in just one article would take forever. Instead I'm going to list a few reasons, and give you an example of a game that I love that was first released back in 2011. The premise of these old games fascinates me purely because of the ideals behind them - these people weren't too bothered about the graphics back then because their goal was to create something that would be a nice balance of both challenging and fun. These days the point appears to be making the game look good - I've seen several new titles which I won't bother to name that have amazing graphics and a perfectly running client, but the story is dry and very boring. People still seem to enjoy these games, but I personally feel that every aspect of the game needs to be at it's top. The story included, because that's the very thing that keeps players wanting to continue the game, because they get wrapped up in a story and start to imagine themselves in the position of the main character, following them through the inevitable ups and downs that come with their particular adventure. Let me put it another way - a novel wouldn't sell if the cover was pretty and the size of the book was decent, but the writer had half-arsed the story itself. That's the entire point of books, music, games...almost everything! They tell a story, and put us in a position where we question our own morals and what we would do if we were in that place. If this can be said for stories, what's the difference with games? I can appreciate a nice-looking open world, but not if it's difficult to keep up with due to the story not making that much sense, or not having any depth. It's important to put your full effort into anything you create, including a game, and all aspects of said game should be worked on meticulously. I'm not saying it would be easy - I'm just saying if that's your job, you should definitely put in every ounce of thought and love possible. Another reason I'm not a fan of more recent games is because they all appear to be shadows of each other. Sure, creativity can be difficult when it seems like everything has been done before, but if you put your own spin on it then it will definitely be a hit. Yet games like Fortnite, PubG, H1Z1...they're all echoes of each other. It's irrelevant which one came first because quite frankly, they're all the same, save for a change in appearance, weapons and a few other tiny details in the game. I don't appreciate that at all, because it seems there's no creativity behind it. They've just seen another game and thought, "Hey, I can do that! Though I'll change the way they look and a bit of the story behind it. Perfect!" NO! That's not perfect. You're better off spending a longer amount of time trying to brainstorm your own thing. There are a lot of games that are alike, and that's okay, but when they're almost exactly a same then it becomes a bit of an issue, in my own humble opinion. The game I wanted to share with you for today is The Binding Of Isaac, which was first released back in September 2011. It's a platform game, where every "run" is randomly generated and you're given different items every time. You have the option of several different end-bosses, after getting through the first eight floors with normal bosses. This game can be considered very difficult but the more you play, it's a little addictive. You learn more as you go on and, of course, get better with time. The reason I love the binding of isaac so much is that it's not big on graphical beauty. The game runs smoothly on every laptop and computer I've had, which is another plus. It's simple, yet complex. The goal is to win the run by beating all of the floors and then whichever end boss you choose. But the road between there and the very first floor can be just challenging enough to make you a little irritated if you lose, but fun enough to make you try over and over again. Games like that are the kind I appreciate - ones that test what you've learned, give you a bit of a challenge, and most importantly, give you just enough back story so that you know the basics, and can fill in the rest by yourself. The symbolism in the game can be seen as a little morbid, but we can discuss this another time. The point of all this rambling is: I love all games:new, classic, mobile casino. But classic ones more than other. But I can appreciate the effort that everyone puts into their games, even if certain people put the effort in one place but not the other. I'm not a developer, though. I can't give you an expert's opinion. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play the binding of isaac now and see if I can't beat my win streak!



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