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About this blog

Hello everybody!
My name is Aleh and I was born in Belarus and now live in Poland.
I am russian speaker and not studied english. All what I know I know from internet and/or code documentations.
Now I'm a 3D game developer, I think and... Thank you if you can read this and sorry for my english ;)

Entries in this blog


Hello all

Hello all! This is my first blog entry. At first I just ctrl+c ctrl+v my blog's "About" block: And now I just wrote this: Sorry for my english, man! I just want to be a part of great community. More about me now. I'm a c# developer. I love C# and i REALY LOVE linux! I know, it's not a good point to start if I wrote something like this in the first blog post. Some much better if you post greate code parts or great idea, but I have idea im my entry. The idea of my post is that I am very happy to be part of a large community. The idea of my post is that I believe that every member of the community makes the community stronger regardless of knowledge and experience. I thought about writing this post in my native language, but I see that the community is filled with people from many countries and I am glad that we can interact with each other using one language. There is no matter what language it is. English or Russian. Games out of politics and I am very happy that I can consider some members of the community to be my real friends. Most community members use game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine or Monogame framework. I prefer more lower-level programming. But I don't mean assembler. Oh, mother of gods, not. I love C# and I like to use no frameworks but I create my own frameworks. I don't like use Monogame. I want to create my own. Perhaps it does not make sense in our rapidly growing field, but that's how I am. Output: I am happy to be here.
I'm glad to be part of the community.
I am open to your suggestions.
I apologize if the text of this post is too stupid.
I will try to be helpful to any member of the community.
Once again. Sorry for my english. I will practice and improve it.

Aleh Lipka

Aleh Lipka

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