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About this blog

a 2D platformer.. the game is in a solid starting state already but the programmer stepped down.. so now its just me.. im the artist/sound/music/gameplay designer.

The game is done in Game maker studio 2.

i'll try to update this blog with more content as i create it, concepts, music, graphics and gameplay..

Right now im looking for a new programmer to continue developing the project.. there's no money or deadlines or much responsabilty in this project.. just the fun of learning and experimenting with GMS2 while making an old school inspired platformer!

as of now, i uploaded a small demo so you can try the controls and the feel of the game.. please notice that this is just a really early build.. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

the controls are as follows:


-Move left and right: A,D

-Jump: space bar (double tap for double jump)

-Sprint: hold shift

-Dash: double tap shift (it has a 2,5 sec cooldown)

-Melee attack: left click (three quick clicks for a 3 hits combo)

JOYSTICK (XBOX One controller)

-Move left and right: left cursor and D pad

-Jump: A button (double tap for double jump)

-Sprint: hold X button

-Dash: double tap X button (it has a 2,5 sec cooldown)

-Melee attack: Y button (three quick taps for a 3 hits combo)







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