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Legends of Mythology is a 2D pixel art action-RPG platformer in a 3D world with a medieval/ancient/gothic setting, with a spice of steampunk.

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Legends of Mythology Dev Vlog #3 Parallaxing Update + Game Design Talk

Hello everyone! 
I have just released the latest version of Legends of Mythology (v0.0006), which is the parallaxing update. Watch the Development Vlog here:

And head on over to the discord if you want to follow the game more closely or just want to have a chat:

swalk studios

swalk studios


Legends of Mythology v0.0005 and Dev Vlog #2 are out!

Hello everyone! 

I have just released the latest build of my tech-demo for Legends of Mythology and the second development vlog.

Watch Development Vlog #2 here:
  To get the latest version of the game, join the swalk studios discord and take a look in the #dev-updates channel! Simply follow this discord link to join: https://discord.gg/XnXzDgK

swalk studios

swalk studios

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