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About this blog

A game blog on creating my first 3d game in Unreal Engine.

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4: Enemies and such

I've started creating the enemies for the game. They are coming out better than I expected given this is still my first fully 3d game. I still haven't hooked up any damage system. That's not really important now. We are taking some small steps in setting up a crafting system. Not anything like Minecraft. I think our plans on it are more aligned with Fallout 76 and how you can build your own base and such. Obviously, this game takes a lot of inspiration from that from the music to the old time feel. I don't know how far into that we'll get though. That's mainly my brother's area of expertise. I've also started adding buildings you can't enter to get some variation to the world. update528.mp4

3: Windmill

Still working on modeling in this game. Love how this windmill came out. I'm devoted to making everything myself. I know there's free assets out there but this being our first fully 3d game, I want to practice Blender as much as I can. Also starting to learn how texturing works...somewhat. New video_Medium (3).mp4

Setting the scene

It's been a while since my last post but I've been 3d modeling like crazy and getting really into it. I've got an enemy now with some basic navigation and animations set up but I think I'll hold off on making others until I've worked in blender a little longer. Probably going to redo all the trees though. I'll try to update this blog a little more from now on. furnitre_Medium.mp4

1: Gunsmoke

I am starting my first 3d game and thought I'd post a blog about it in case any one had any tips or tricks as I wade into this. I've just started using blender a few months ago and still suck at it, but I've rigged and animated my main character so far. Right now, I have him walking, aiming, shooting (with Ue4 particles) and jumping. I'm debating on whether or not I should add a crouch and if I should have any motion when he fires. It would seem the gun fire, the smoke, would create that shooting effect. Or should there be a slight hitch when he does shoot? Gunsmoke_Medium.mp4
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