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About this blog

game content for unirule.

unirule is a browser game created with three.js and node.js


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Hello, Over the past six weeks I’ve been soul searching. This is a hard blog for me to publish, I’m going to be opening up about my past and writing about some of my deep insecurities and shortcomings, along with how being apart of GameDev has helped me find some personal progress. I’m going to be reaching far back into my past to provide some context. I have tried my best to reduce the personal drama. My mother wanted to give me the best education she could here in Canada and so she chose to enroll me in French immersion. I struggled and failed Kindergarten. My earliest friends moved on. By grade three I was struggling with both French and English. I was given two options, I could either repeat grade three or change to the English only program. Either way I had to part ways with more friends. I had learned to become unsure of myself. Measuring true personal growth had become dusted over like neglected instrument gauges in need of a cleanse. I found solace in my imagination and it became my trusted companion. In my early teens I started to recognised some of my abilities, discovering things I had not noticed before. I started to receive encouraging complements from others and like any teenager I let it get to my head and neglected the gauges. I decided to start programming a game to help answer some of the questions that have nagged at me for so long. When will I find some meaningful confidence and How can I start to clean these dusty gauges? On March 7th I finally answered the first question. I had found the personal confidence, It was good enough for me. By end of March I began to see the answer to the second question. Regretfully the answer is not found sitting in front of a computer. I’m not leaving, but for a while I need to focus on some personal growth. Opening up about my ideas in 2014 was a big step for me. I am truly thankful for all the kind words, support and encouragement over these past 5 years. It’s been a blessing. I wanted to share these words with you because my friends should be in the know




Welcome GameDev, here we are, finally.

What I’m attempting to create is a strategy game unlike any-other I’ve ever played or anyone in my immediate social circles have ever played. What is yet to be determined is if it’s actually going to be any fun. I’ve got a lot of, what I think are, novel ideas and am curious to see how it will all play out.

If you’re unfamiliar, the project I’m working on is called unirule. It’s a global strategy game involving 50+ players. The beginning of the game takes place during early human settlements. The world will be home to thousands of simulated people called simulin. Your goal in this game will be to gain majority influence over all simulin.

The goal of this blog-series will be to explain further details about specific game elements. In this specific entry I will give a brief overview of the four main components of this game. I will then write a blog entry for each of the four main classes a simulin( simulated person ) can have at the beginning. I haven’t the foggiest idea how long this endeavour will take, could take 6 months, could take 6 years; however, what I can say though is by the end of this blog series you’ll have a full understanding of just how this game will work.

Now, I’ve got some questions for you( rhetorically ):
- Do you enjoy the Civilisation series?
- Do you enjoy the SimCity series?
- Do you enjoy MMO Browser games such as OGame, or Zelderex?
- Do you enjoy 4x strategy games?

If you answered yes to all of those questions then what I’m making is meant for you( and you should subscribe  ), if you enjoyed two or three then you’ll want to stay posted, otherwise this project may not be your cup of tea( just saying ).  
The most important asset you’ll acquire in unirule will be simulin. Each simulin will have 5 slots of influence available to the worlds players. Once a player has acheive influence over 3 of those 5 slots they will gain majority influence over that single simuin and their over-all Influence Counter will increase by one. If there are 5000 simulin in the world, a player must gain influence over 2501 simulin to achieve victory.

The simulated economy in unirule will be backed and bench-marked by the man-hour. All initial value will be derived from the number of man-hours it takes a specific simulin to complete a specific task. Of course no two simulin are alike and a simulin’s notion of ‘value’ is entirely relative. All actions you assign to simulin will require a certain number of man-hours to complete. And of course there will exploitable sources of man-hours such as animal-power, harnessed energy, and slaves.

With fear and awe you’ll challenge other players. The outcome of battles will be determined long before the first strike. The first to flee will taste defeat and those who rise to the occasion will have their spoils. Intimidation will come with training, moral and honour; however, one can choose to be ruthless and remove simulin from the simulation.

The more socially organised and well defended players will acquire prestige. Word will spread of the Monuments, oral-traditions, and wealth of your people so as to attract others. Prestige will influence how successful you are during negotiations and how easy it will be to have demands met or awe and wonder through generosity.  
So there you have it, an glimpse into the game I want to make and have given so much thought to. There is much more to explain, specifically what the player will actually do. I’ll be explaining in further detail how the players will play this game when I explain each of the four main classes.
If you’re at all interested in the technical underbelly of the framework, I have another blog series called unirule:framework. In it are more details about the logic and coding that supports this game but not so much the actual game-play. Updates to that blog will be done each time there are additional features added; however, they will be less frequent now as I’ve changed focus to the actual game.

In my next blog in this series I will introduce the Farmer and explain in full detail what the player can do with their farmers. However, there is a ton of programming to be done so it may not be for some time.

Ultimately, in the end I want the four bases classes functioning and have game sessions involving
multiple players to see how this all works. And if in the end it lacks, so be it...

I will haven taken my crack at it. 😄



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