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Today we are facing a set of diseases that cannot be treated fully.But this can be prevented by us.Changing food habit is the main reason for this.People like junks food and food from outside.This leads to increased fat and cholesterol in the body,which makes the body weak.They not find enough time for exercise.Doing exercise can reduce the fat content and makes the muscles and bones more strong.This will help us to make a fit body.Staying a fitness plan also balance or maintain our body weight.One of the issue health club in trivandrum we are facing is diebetis.The number of diebetic patients are increasing day by day.The daily workout can reduce the risk of diebetis.Some studies suggest that fitness program can reduce the risk of cancers also.Peoples of any group start from children to adults need a regular physical activity.It improves the lifespan of people.So do exercise stay healthy.Preomote regular workout and enjoy life

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