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Digging into the data! What we can tell about the Closed Beta of Causa: part 1.part 1.

Hey all! 👋 We’re back after a brief hiatus on our Dev Blog with some interesting data about the results and feedback we collected during the Closed Beta of our in-development CCG Causa, Voices of the Dusk.  Before beginning, we’d like to thank our +6.100 subscribers, as well as the most active participants of our community, who have gathered on our Official Discord Channel to support the Cause. You inspire us every day to keep working to achieve our dreams! 💟 Without further ado, we’re glad to share some of the most informative data we were able to retrieve during the Closed Beta.  Just for context, the Closed Beta of Causa for Steam lasted for a period of approximately 2 months, covering the months of June and July of 2019. During this period, over 900 users activated their exclusive keys, and around 300 played matches in Causa.  In general, the matches in Causa summed a grand total of 453 hours of play, and the user who played the most surpassed 24 hours of gameplay, with a total of 160 matches. A HUGE shout out to our dear player and streamer Igua for this amazing achievement.  During the whole period, a total of 2.934 matches were played, of which 58% were victories, and a 42% were defeats - including both matches against other players and agains the IA. Considering that a large amount of players focused on playing against the IA during this period, this fact gives us a rough idea of the balance of the game’s difficulty. Furthermore, we were able to estimate that 23% of the players in the Closed Beta played 10 or more matches, while 5 were very enthusiastic and played over 100 matches. We just love you! We were also able to retrieve information about the duration of the matches in Causa.  Regarding this, we observed that the longest match lasted for 84 minutes. We suspect that someone took the game too seriously, or just fell asleep over the keyboard, as we were also able to verify that the average duration of a match was 14 minutes. The longest victory was achieved in 13 turns, taking about 19 minutes.  Alongside all this data, it was very exciting to discover which was the prefered Leader in Causa during the Closed Beta. In the first place, with a 37% of the preferences, we found  Matriara, General of Elyr. She’s not only a great character, but also represents the initial Glory / Aggro strategy in the game, which is very convenient for the players that are just getting acquainted to Causa. On the second position the Spirit strategy stands out with Nilset, Shadow Initiate, who was the favorite Leader for 26% of players.  Finally, we’d like to congratulate our dear player Húsar, who achieved the largest amount of victories during the Closed Beta phase. You surprised us with 96 victories in a total of 130 casual matches! What do you think about all this data? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions on our social channels, and also make sure to join us for a chat on our Discord Server. Make sure to stay tuned and sign up to be part of the upcoming demos! Steam | Discord | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Twitch | Youtube 

The Closed Beta is over... So what comes next?

On August 8th the Closed Beta of Causa, Voices of the Dusk finally ended. So, after a demo that lasted for over 2 months, the question is: what does the future hold for this new indie CCG?  First of all, we'd like to thank everyone participated in this beta period. We reached +6.000 subscribers, and gained a lot of extremely valuable feedback, which has allowed us to keep improving the game, as well as develop the remaining features and content. Alongside this, we truly appreciate all the interest and enthusiasm of the amazing content creators and streamers who recorded videos and streamed the game on their channels. This meant a HUGE boost of motivation for us. As a token of our appreciation, we prepared a video with a few clips we were able to collect. You may check out this video here. Special thanks to Dragonrider, Igua, laruchan, Arreador, Sopa de Murloc (Souji), Vizion, Wildspeaker, Eolis, MCN_Mike, Mercurio Blue, 9spark, zerhkz, sebasxkhan, ThatResolves, CHARM3R, Juegos Indies, Izana, sudsywolf, topopablo11hs, Mattyocre, Shank, OnlyRex, WorldOfPirinolas and Auulox! On other news, we're very glad to announce that Dawn aka “Dragonrider”, an experienced card game player, as well as one of the streamers who participated on out Closed Beta, just released a podcast about Causa! This content is perfect for anyone who'd like to learn more about the game, and get some exclusive insights about its development. It's called Causi Love It: A Causa Podcast, and its episodes will be released periodically with analysis, interviews to the dev team, and more surprises! With such a nice and light-hearted host, we're sure you'll enjoy the show. Thank you so much, Dawn! You may check it out here. So, what comes next? At the moment we are working very hard on the final phase of development of PC version of Causa. During this period,  we'll keep sharing info and sneek-peaks into the developing process, and hope to have news about the upcoming demos soon! We really look forward to keeping you involved, as your feedback has been amazing. Here's some of our plans: We’ll keep streaming in our official Twitch channel every Thursday at 3 PM (ET). We’ll have a chat, share details about the game, and updates about our progress. We’ll upload videos on our Youtube channel, focusing on the streams as well as new content about the game. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be active every day to show you updates and more details of Causa. Keep an eye on this social channels because we’ll announce limited timed-demos and other special events.  We’ll keep in touch with our emerging community on Reddit and Discord, so please join us and share all your suggestions and comments about the game. Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date and be the first to receive the most important announcements and invitations for the coming demos.  Thanks all for this incredible experience, it was amazing to have you onboard during our Closed Beta. We are as excited and eager as you, so we'll keep working hard to complete the game! 

A first look at the strategies and play styles in Causa

Welcome to the first entry on our Dev Blog at GameDev.Net! This time, we’ll tell you about the strategies and play styles in our in-development collectible card game Causa, Voices of the Dusk. We’re very interested in knowing and incorporating your feedback. Let’s begin with a short review of the novelties in the rules of this CCG: Each player begins the game with 20 Resistance points.
  In Causa, there are 3 types of cards: Characters, Events, and Supports.

  Characters have attributes such as Attack and Defense, and are played to the Scene.
  Events are played and trigger their effect instantly.
  Supports are played to the Shelter, can be activated once per turn to trigger their effects, or constantly trigger their effects while they’re in game.
  There are no resource cards. You can play up to two cards per turn, as long as you have enough Cause.
  To increase your Cause, once per turn you can ‘sacrifice’ any card from your hand or from the game, moving it to your Cause Zone. This is called Dedicating.

  You can only Dedicate one card per turn, and each dedicated card grants one Cause Point.
  Although Dedicating cards to your Cause might seem like a sacrifice, this is only temporary, since you can Require cards from your Cause as if it were a second hand.
  Requiring implies that once per turn you can play a card from your Cause Zone. If you do, your Cause will decrease by one, since you’ll have one less card in it.
  The only requisite to Require a card is that you have enough Cause Level, and that you still have at least one play remaining (max of two cards per turn).

  Dedicating and Requiring are actions that you can do at any point during your turn, which allows for a greater versatility when compared to games that have a strict phase order.
  To win the match, you must lower the opponent’s Resistance to 0. To do this, you may attack them directly, or aim to wear out their deck. Once their deck runs out, for each card that they’re unable to draw, they’ll receive 5 points of damage.
  Wearing out a deck can happen fast, since each turn you’ll draw at least 1, and continue to draw until you have 4 cards. With this, we expect to deliver a more dynamic experience than other games in the genre.
  Based on this game system, Causa seeks to offer a great variety of strategies. Up next, we’ll show some basic aspects of different strategies in each Power: Glory, Wealth, Influence, and Spirit. GLORY Glory is the most straightforward strategy, and can be the easiest for those who’re just starting to get into the game. It’s based on characters with solid Attack and Resistance attributes, along with being able to deal direct damage to the opponent Leader or their characters. It’s basic strategy is aggressive, where the Warrior archetype dominates, focused on buffing it’s characters and attacking directly. However, interesting Midrange and Control strategies come into play thanks to the Laborer and Survivor Archetypes. Mechanically speaking, Glory is focused more on quickly attacking and Dedicating cards to its Cause instead of Requiring, since keeping a high Cause is needed to bring out the strongest cards to the game. In this power there are high level cards that can define the game, such as the Elyrian Guardian, and Hurl Weapons.

WEALTH Wealth strategies aim to play with Resources (decks), both yours and your opponents’. In Wealth, you can find cards that allow you to draw additional cards, and others that offer great power for low level, at the expense of reducing your deck, like the Mercenary Archetype does. To maintain this resource engine in motion, it has the most amount of cards that allow you to recover cards from your discard into your deck. This way, you can get the best cards faster, while avoiding running out your deck. This power has cards that benefit each time you draw cards due to some effect, and when you’re forced to spend your deck. These Synergy strategies can be found within the Merchant and Aristocrat Archetypes.

INFLUENCE Influence is a special power for more experienced players, who have an interest in a more strategic game. It aims to move cards between various game zones to obtain diverse effects, and prolong the match to exhaust the opponent’s deck. In this power, the Schemer Archetype shines for their excellence in controlling the opponent’s game. Despite this, Influence has one of the fastest attack strategies with the Rogue Archetype, which tries to gain the upper hand in the first few turns (Rush). Finally, we can also find the Intellectual strategy that uses support cards and characters that recover your Resistance, and to prepare the needed conditions to execute powerful Combos. SPIRIT Another strategy prefered by experienced players is Spirit. In this power you can find units that by themselves are quite weak, but become stronger each time you’re damaged. It has powerful spells that can strengthen your allies and weaken your opponents. To counteract the self-inflicted damage by the Witch Archetype, Spirit relies on Priests and Mentalists who help keep your Resistance stable, and keep opponent Characters “pacified”, preventing them from attacking every turn. Spirit has some of the most powerful and versatile cards in the game, however they usually incur a high cost for the player, which requires a high strategic capacity from players who dare to master this Power. ------------------------ To wrap up, we think it’s important to mention that strategy building in Causa is heavily guided by the different Character Archetypes and playable Leaders, since some promote deck building of a single archetype, while others rely on the synergy between diverse archetypes. We’ll soon share more details on the role of Leaders in Causa, as well as information about various skills and keywords. What do you think about this first look at the strategies in Causa, Voices of the Dusk?  We really appreciate your feedback to keep working on the design of the game! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article! We invite you to subscribe to our upcoming Closed Beta, and follow us on our social channels:  Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Reddit
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