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About this blog

I recently started making my first game (prototyping phase). The idea I currently have in mind will be a combination of top-down world view and side scroller mode (Ex. Zelda 2, Summon Night: Swordcraft Story). 

The current progress that I've made in my prototype has taken me longer than expected to set up. I've made a simple puzzle platformer game in unity before with a team in a college class and I'm finding that I don't remember a lot of things such as vector math, how to move characters, I even had to look up Raycasts which that game used a lot of. I'm hoping to re-learn a lot of the stuff I forgot while working on this prototype. 

I intend to try to keep this blog updated in order to keep myself accountable and continue to make progress (Although I'm new to gamedev.net and I'm not sure if I can do that).


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