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About this blog

Hi, I'm Timothy. I'm 18 and from Australia but born in New Zealand. I'm a self taught Game Developer.
I'm writing monthly entry's showing what I'm working on. Follow if you like my work :) 

Current projects

(Unnamed) Animated Physics fighting game
Passion project. Planning to release on Steam late this year.



Highway Rumble
Mobile game. Full of carnage. Planning to release midway through this year.



More info on my YouTube and Twitter

Entries in this blog

"I hate naming things"

I plan to write monthly updates about this project and fill each blog with a decent ratio of images to text. As I find blogs with large bodies of text hard to stay engaged in. I started this project almost 3 months ago when I finally finished a much needed update for my previous release. I was very much inspired by T.A.B.S (by Landfall) for this project. The animated physics in their game create satisfying simulation and unpredictable moments that normal animations don't provide. I had to try it myself.   February I recycled many of the art assets and movement code from my past overly ambitious projects™ for this project so I could jump straight into creating the enemies and implementing animated physics. I watched this YouTube tutorial by TheCooperJ. He uses hinge joints to rotate rigidbody limbs by mimicking the rotation of an animated duplicate. Example GIF from tutorial: Here's what my implementation of his method looks like on a humanoid rig: Yeah, someone call him a taxi. So I did a Google Search and found out about a beautiful asset called PuppetMaster. This asset is extremely well made and optimized, I highly recommend it. It took a while to figure it out but I got there after a long night of pressing buttons and scratching my head.   March I added a basic castle and some grass and used polyverse skies for the beautiful skybox. I also made a new enemy player model. I used the Unity NavMesh system and set up some basic AI and used animations from the asset store as placeholders to get a quick first prototype working. Even achieving this much made me feel genuinely happy and satisfied. I LOVE PHYSICS.  I was about fall asleep sleep one night but instead I immediately jumped out of bed and onto my computer (I'm certain every dev has done this at some point) to implement the shield bash mechanic:   April This is where the project is at now. I made a new scene, added more environment, adjusted the colours and lighting. I redid the enemies animations in Blender and improved their AI. There are 2 types of enemy right now: Archer and Melee. There are currently 4 items. I'm looking forward to adding more items that are more exciting and less generic, maybe even guns for a laugh. They can all be equipped in the left or right hand, you can throw them all, the bow is the only two handed weapon. The rest can be dual wielded. Even the shield: Here's a YouTube clip of me absolutely destroying these blokes skulls. I added a brutal head shot crunch sound.   The game is still unnamed, I hate naming things, comment below if you have a suggestion. I have started conceiving a narrative for the game, I think explaining it is boring so I wont.    Thanks for reading. I'll write another blog in a month, maybe. I actually wrote this blog spontaneously, never done this before.
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