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Devlog #2: fight/battle music

Because the old-school fps game couldn't be thought without cool music and this is what I'm striving to achieve, so I wrote some cool metal music years ago and now I was like, "Hey, what if use some of this for fight/battle music", so below is the some of tracks I've plannig to use, the first track I guess for underground battle and the second for epic fight:  



Devlog #1:My Eyes

Hi everyone. It seems new UE eye model requires specific UV coordinates and mesh, so custom shapes with custom uv / or no uvs  was not possible .. until this moment. Suppose we have some kind of  nice looking eye shapes (for test purposes I took the ones from the Emily project), unfortunately its uvs not corresponding to those delivered with the UE eye model, also the eyes have custom orientation, etc.   So we have at least 3 possible solutions here: 1) rip off the eyes from one of UE/paragon characters 1) fix the uvs in any modelling app 2) implement some kind of automatic uvs  with adjustable rotation/scale of iris. Despite of simplicity of two first approaches the third one gives us much more. And its not so difficult. The solution is to generate tangent basis and uvs in the shader/material itself. And this is not mistake, in the several cases  transform from tangent to world space could generate artefacts due to  discontinuities on original uv space, just like this: The original uvs left below have discontinuities at poles unlike from uvs from UE docs (right below) The result for eyes without any uvs you can see in the header, the rotation and scale of uvs is fully adjustable  



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