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About this blog

by: Goldeneagle Games

A noob view on game development and how other greenhorns might learn from our path.

We are developing a game as a side-project and being amateurs in this field at best we share our path to failure so others might not do the same mistakes.

Part 1:

The concept phase

We are two guys who met here on the forums. Both of us are total noobs on the field. I´m AMC, a german designer and illustrator and Eagle is a programmer currently stationed in moscow. But and this is the most important part we where on the same level of mindset. He had a previous textadventure game and we made a few rewrites when we suddenly hit "gold". Without giving to much away, we found an untouched (in gaming) part of history, where we could weave our story without getting compared our distracted by other games storylines.

The infamous Stalin-purging era. 

The ideas came flowing and having some little experience in failure, we both kept each other in check regarding the overflow of ideas that came in. Taking only the most basic and working ideas into the basic concept. The game is a Visual Novel with QTE´s.

We set our main goals for the game:

1. It´s a horror game so every mechanic and design choice MUST work towards this goal. (i.e. produce the feeling of stress and fear in the player. emotional attachment to the main character etc.) 

2. Keep production time low but deliver quality.

I sat down and scribbled some concepts and made the basic character models in my programm of choice (Clip studio Paint EX) which also has some very neat animation capabilities which we will use for the production.

Also our 1. rule led to some interesting conclusions and rethinking. The UI will be minimal and buttons are insects (story related), Textbar will change with the attitude of the interlocutor at hand. Actually this one rule formed the whole game in the end. We eventually switched from third person to first person etc.

In the end we have finished the concept and are currently working on the Animations and the final draft of the stroyline. But thats another story.




GUI Menu insect.gif


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