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Where life, and interface design, can be summed up by a 6-year-old boy and his tiger.

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Foray into the who-knows-what...

Evening GameDev'ers!

First journal entry for me at the community so I wanted to start off by saying I have no knowledge of game development whatsoever! Only about a week ago I started tossing around the notion of "what would it be like to develop games?" Lo and behold, a quick Google search brought me to GameDev.net, and as the saying goes: "Hook, line and sinker." I'm a technical communications major at a public northwest university and have really taken an interest in user interface design and interaction theory. While I haven't put much to practice yet (web sites have been the extent of my design work), I'm very eager to get into designing UI's for games and figuring out which methods work best for which genres.

I'm a pretty friendly guy, and I've found the IRC channel to be a rather addicting place to hang out in the evenings, so be sure to look for me there! I'm happy to answer any questions in regards to web usability, standards, and accessability. I'll be starting my venture into interface design and theory very soon, so look for insights, observations, and eventually my own interfaces! Cheers!

PS: Here's a little tribute to a great pop artist and someone who really got me thinking about life in a different perspective (featuring my own mug):

Stupendous Man

Stupendous Man

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