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Long overdue for an update

Welcome to the town of Valorfel; or at least what’s left of it. Many years have passed since the war of the three Eternals. Humans, Dwarves, and Elves have found a way to coexist and live in (remote) harmony. Part of the original caravan heading to Valorfel, you find yourself separated from the group by the mists. When you leave the caves you entered for shelter, fifty years have passed, and the sanctuary you headed for is in ruins. Though the town may be in ruins, the villagers remain full of hope. Fifty years have passed, but now is the time to rebuild--both yourself and the town. Echoes of The Past is a life sim focused on giving you freedom to play and explore the way that you want to. Some of you may recognize this title by its previous project name, Infinite Odyssey. Within the town of Valorfel, you’ll have plenty of things to do to pass the time. Explore dungeons, each with an original story and branching paths, make friends with the other NPCs all of which have their own personalized (and branching) story lines, complete your own story and uncover the secrets of the mists and the Tree of Life, grown crops such as Golem Gourds, Alchemists Cauldron, Goblin’s Snout, Serpent’s Tongue, and Witch’s Broom. Fish the waters of the town for Felpike, Valor Bass, Cloud Fins, and the rare Blossom Trout. If adventuring and exploring gets tiresome, you can always come home to a land full of mythical beasts to love and raise. This project is inspired by a culmination of Zelda Majoras Mask, Animal Crossing, and a touch of MMORPG elements. I’ll go a little more in-depth section by section to help provide some of the details. Please note, this is an open-ended experience. You are free to do as little or as much of the features presented. My hope was to give you opportunities to forget the stress of your world, and lose yourself in mine. Story: After the opening scenes, and starting your new life in Valorfel, you’ll be approached by a character named Eden. At this point in the game you can choose if you want to continue with the story or play at your leisure. Those who follow along will reveal why their character was held within the mists for over fifty years, the link to the Tree of Life, and why they are able to see visions (echoes) of other character’s past lives. Farming: Farming is a large opportunity to make passive income, as well as stock resources for crafting. All the crops are fantasy based, and original. You won’t find cucumbers, tomatoes, or anything of those sorts. Don’t worry, I’ve kept plenty of secrets to keep things exciting—just watch your head. You never know when a Seed of Yggdrasil may come crashing down. You may also find some plants glow at night, or during lunar cycles. NPCs: As mentioned before, NPCs all have story lines and as your friendship raises, you will be responsible for taking them down a branching quest line with permanent effects. Some are more humorous, such as the Blacksmith getting a pet to avoid feeling lonely (an option is a cat that is NOT user-friendly), others involve helping a character face a reality they may not want to face. The decisions you take can have permanent effects from a bridge getting built, to a character leaving the game for good. When you start the game, you will have a small handful of villagers living amongst you. In time, others will move in. Others will move in after repairing parts of the town. Building your friendship with the NPCs will result in your character getting a permanent boost (stats/passives/discounts) and revealing their echo which allows you to see their past version (which will make more sense as you progress the beginning of the story). Beasts: There are plenty of critters to raise and disintegrate. I don’t know if you’ve ever shaved a Yeti’s back, but their fur makes wonderful clothing. Phoenix Eggs make a terrific breakfast as well! Combat: This is where things get more complicated… Your character can choose from one of 4 weapon types: Swords, Axes, Lances, and a Bow. Each weapon has their own combo attack, and each weapon carries 3 abilities. In addition to your weapon, after rebuilding the church you can follow one of 4 Heroes, or one of 4 Deities. Whichever one you choose to follow (you can swap any time at the church for free), you can carry an additional 3 moves, as well as a secondary ability. To elaborate: If you choose to follow Sayne the Paladin, you have a secondary ability to use an aether shield to block attacks. You can pair this with the bow, lance—whatever weapon you want. You also learn 3 Paladin style moves to go along with your weapon abilities that require rage to execute. This allows you to flex your playstyle to use the weapon types you want, and offset weaknesses if you choose to. Want to be an axe wielding druid? Seems ironic, but feel free to vine whip enemies! Be a bow wielding paladin that obliterates enemies from afar and can shield when they get up close and destroy them with the light. Feel free to be a lance wielding berserker who goes on a stabbing spree—it’s your game, play the way you want to. That leads me to my second concept: Dress the way you want. Some armors carry minor set bonuses (boost to fishing, boost to finding gems, etc.) but none of the armor carries defensive properties. If you want to ransack a dungeon in a chicken costume, there are no penalties for it. Just… don’t be surprised when villagers treat you differently. I could post all day long, but I think you came here to see pretty pictures and that’s what I want to deliver. I’ll have some videos in a not too distant future but I’m tweaking things as I go, and I want to get that up and running before doing actual video. Stay tuned for future updates! -Eden  
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