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About this blog

My First Ever Blog. I'm making this in the hopes that it motivates me and holds me accountable to myself.

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Day 1: Sprite loading

Using tiled is a lot more fun than a person would think. I have decided to download a free tileset to reduce the time I spent on this(https://www.kenney.nl/assets/roguelike-rpg-pack) Now I did make some grass tiles as I intended, but making a whole tileset would take a long time, and I wanted to get to the meat and bones of the game. I want to make progress on everything else. The fascinating thing about tiled and tiled2unity is that I can change the maps whenever I want and it will update itself in my project. So when I'm satisfied with how my game is, I can always come back and make my own tiles when the game is done and reimport the maps. What I Accomplished: Created and imported tilemap to unity. created sprite with movement and corresponding moving animation. Problems Encountered: I have so many things to fix. Even though I say I made the character there are many issues.  1.I might have accidentally deleted one of the motions in the animation, so whichever direction the character moves in, they put one foot in front, then normalize, then put the same foot in front instead of the other foot. looks weird 2.My character is very blurry, I believe the solution was to change the filter mode on the character sheet to point. 3. The collisions that I allegedly added to the tilemap don't seem to stop my character. He ends up walking through trees and over the water. Perhaps I didn't hit apply when adding the collider? simple fix. 3.I've noticed that when I move the character there are random lines that appear on the tilemap. One upon a time, long ago I practiced with tiled and encountered the same problem. I believe the solution was something called pixel snap. I just have to find that setting. Goals: Aside from the big fixes with the character and tilemap, For now I want a foundation of "starting the game". I want to create a main menu, with a simple play and quit button. the play button will only load the character in the tilemap. I will make a pause menu that has a resume and menu button. In the future this pause menu will also be the characters stat menu, inventory and so on. Since this is my first time making such a game I cant really say for sure where to go from here. I believe the easiest option with the least amount of strings would be a dialogue system. I want to place an npc in the world, and when my character goes up to them and presses a certain button a dialogue box appears. I want to learn how to do the panning text, when it looks like the npc is typing instead of the text just being there with the dialogue box. Keeping it simple for now.    





There are so many random events that had to happen in perfect sequence to get me to this point right now. I have just recently finished my 'first' game as a capstone project. I quote first because it only took two weeks to make, and had the bare minimum of features(menu, mechanics, levels, UI) It took a while for me to commit to working on it because it was my first and any major hurdle would burn me out and cause me to put it off. I came back to it months later, and finally surpassed the first problem I had : creating a menu UI. When I finished that, I was super motivated to continue, and pile drove my way to the end in two weeks. I am proud of all the things I learned and decided that I didn't want to stop. I wanted to make another game to continue to gain experience. I finally had momentum. INSPIRATION my first game was a simple 2D Side-Scroller akin to the original super Mario brothers. The next game I had in mind would be one of the following : 1.Roguelike video game similar to The Binding Of Isaac by Edmund McMillen. 2.Fantasy RPG similar to Final Fantasy 2. I was originally going to make the roguelike game because I had a research tab open about dungeon generation, but that tab turned out to be for an RPG. I took this as a sign to start on the RPG game. I was also in my final week of High School, and my friend also started making a pen and paper-esque game similar to Fire Emblem.  Before making anything on Unity I decided to start drafting documents and spreadsheets on the basic mechanics of the game and began watching tutorials on how to make an RPG. I would start with things like character classes, weapon types, and damage types. I would not go too much in depth, these were only surface level ideas. The first thing I truly need to work on is sprite creation. STEP 1: The first theoretical step to making my RPG is the tile map. my first game used the unity tile map tool, but for this game I will be using Tiled and its sister program Tiled2Unity(I already have some experience with it). But before I make the tile map, I need tiles. My previous game has some self made and some free downloaded assets, but I want to make my own assets. I use piskel to make all of my pixel art. My goal by the next entry will be to make a basic palette(grass, road, rocks, trees, house tiles, water) Once I have my basic palette I will begin making a simple map with the proper collisions, and using my character from my capstone project, I will test if the map works.  



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