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Boilerplate, SocketIO, Jasmine, TypeScript

Boilerplate Source: https://github.com/8Observer8/boilerplate-socketio-typepescript-unit-tests-jasmine-specs Run: https://boilerplate-socketio.herokuapp.com/ My boilerplate boilerplate allows: Add new clients in TypeScript using Socket.io (Now I have two clients: BabylonJS and PixiJS). Build to debug version. I use the AMD compilation and the RequireJS library. The debug version allows to set breakpoint using Chrome extension for VSCode and publish TS examples with a few file on Plunker. Build to release version. I use the CommonJS compilation, Browserify and Uglify to create a minified bundle. Build Jasmine specs for server and clients. Build Jasmine specs to debug and to release versions. Build Jasmine specs for shared script like for server. Shared script is scripts in the "shared" folder that are shared by server and client. Set up breakpoints for Jasmine specs on server and on clients. Run Jasmine specs in browser by click on the "Run Unit Tests" button: https://boilerplate-socketio.herokuapp.com/ Run Jasmine specs in Playground by click on the "Run Unit Tests" button: https://next.plnkr.co/edit/77Ex6gPTBxQyyXNML9tk?p=preview&preview Run the client and server at the same time to debug in compound mode in VSCode (see docs: Compound launch configurations) when you can set breakpoint at the server and client at the same time. Step-by-step instruction: Will be later

Tic-tac-toe using Socket.io, Unity, Pixi.js and TS

The game will be here: https://tic-tac-toe-socketio-ts.herokuapp.com/
Source Code: https://github.com/8Observer8/tic-tac-toe-socketio-ts I have connected Heroku with my public repository with code. I will use two versions of clients: Unity and Pixi.js. I will write the Pixi.js client and the game server in TypeScript. The Unity client will be for desktop. I will build client for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the future I will make clients in pure WebGL, Canvas API, BabylonJS and ThreeJS. I use: TypeScript VSCode Free Heroku hosting that are connected with GitHub. My game deployed automatically when I push on GitHub AMD and RequireJS for debug version CommonJS, Browserify, UglifyJS for release version Date:   Sat Jun 29 14:22:55 2019 +0400
Added: debug mode, the main index.html file with list of clients, Pixi.js and Babylon.js client that show examples Date:   Sat Jun 29 23:35:23 2019 +0400
The server sends JSON message 'Hello from server'. Client display this message on the page.



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