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A final goodbye.

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Goodbye, Gamedev!

It's been a long time since I last updated my journal. The reasons are plenty, and most of them also why I won't be updating any further.

School has been a major factor in my lack of updates. Since January I have managed to score 4 A* and 7 A's on my Upper Secondary certification aswell as starting High School(The thing you go to when you're 16), which has been a shocking change mostly because of the sheer amount of homework being tossed at us and the fact that I've never been very diciplined(which you might have gathered given my numerous failed projects ).

Motivation and passion crisis
After my last project went down under, I've never managed to get up and running again. Each time I open VS2005 I just hit the red X instinctively and do something else. The interest and motivation is just not there.

I "blame" this on myself, and how I as a person has evolved(gah, I know) over the past two or three years.
It all started out with 9th grade. I guess none of you remember, but I had a very bad time during that year, which - as a response to my social failure - led to my interest in games programming(I needed something to be good at).

Time went by, and as I failed again and again in my programming endevours I started 10th grade, which was a happy relief from the day-to-day nightmare of the previous year. I still kept on programming in secret since I was afraid that I would be socially neglected if it became a wide-known phenomena(yeah).

However, after some time in this new-found paradise I got increasingly interested in film and writing(and friends) which lead to my subsequent stop in games programming, which happened around the same time I canceled my World of Warcraft subscription - March.

Since then I haven't written a single line of C++ code, although I have done some website programming. I've also plunged head-first into active politics and of course the obligatory and free(hurray, socialised education) high-school.
On top of all that(which is quite a lot) I've also started with theater and I'am continuing my engagement in the local school band.

I actually made up my mind long ago, but I just thought I should give you a worthy goodbye and thanks for all the help I've recieved from this community. Even though you're on the other side of the world, I have learned more from you than you can possibly imagine, which I won't soon forget(when I become PM, I'll make it so that only indie games with affiliation to GameDev may be sold in stores).

Goodbye all, and keep updating your journals - I'll be reading'em :)
Recently I've been working on random stuff, mostly non-graphical, like scripting and now also a difference engine.
However when reading on STL iterators, I found a "bug" in Cprogramming.com s tutorial, as you can see an excerpt from here:

The old approach (avoid)
using namespace std;

vector<int> myIntVector;
// Add some elements to myIntVector

for(int y=0; y{
cout<" ";
//Should output 1 4 8
The STL approach (use this)
using namespace std;

vector<int> myIntVector;
vector<int>::iterator myIntVectorIterator;

// Add some elements to myIntVector

for(myIntVectorIterator = myIntVector.begin();
myIntVectorIterator != myIntVector.end();
cout<<*myIntVectorIterator<<" ";
//Should output 1 4 8

I looked at this and realised that the first example wont even compile, at least not on my compiler(DevC++), this is because the vectors can only be indexed(or whatever) by an unsigned integer or STL iterator and not by a regular integer. So yeah! They have a bug in their tutorial.

Oh and the difference engine is going good. I'm gonna try and port it to PHP since thats where it's gonna be used: at my friend's site.

I'm gonna install a new network card, I'll see you on the other side [smile].


I promise I'll give you some kind of screenie of some game/demo I am working on the next time, but right now I am trying to develop a script system(similiar to Sir Sapo's) and I've run into some problems right now it's that my file just won't open(even after countless path changings etc).

So if you're in the mood, please help me [smile].

Apart from that, I wish you all a good night and a productive tomorrow! [smile]

Merry Christmas!

So, to copy Mark the Artists nice little competition, which of the below teenagers are me?

I will reveal it in the next post.

On another note I got a 22" HD LCD screen for christmas, it's sooo cool. Now I can enjoy the next generation games fully [grin].

I'm gonna go and see the West Wing season 7, see you.


This week has been quite fun. I worked from 00:30 PM to 04:30PM each day. It involved playing basketball, football and dodgeball with kids at school.

I've been trying to make a map loader which reads bytes from a file and uses that info for rendering the map(Using OpenGL). I thought reading each byte through fgetc() and then using those values directly would do the trick. But it didn't, partly because something is wrong with my code, so that I cannot get the size of the file I wish to read from, and therefore I cannot read the whole map file. I also have a rendering bug, which I am, from lack of any other screenshot, going to post here.

I'll probably end up rewriting the whole thing.

Scrolling Demo

I have a little demo here, it's the best I could do in ~1 hour(I consider that quite good given my nature to abandon my simple projects) [smile]

Here is the .exe:


And here is the code for those who wish to take a look:


Basicaly, the program just scrolls a hardcoded map. You use the arrow keys to move.

I just wondered how to do scrolling so I sat down and made this. It's fairly simple but I really hope the code works on bigger games...

Thanks for testing it out!

On another note. I went to Opera yesterday to get a job for our work week next week. They didn't have the time to train me up, but they told me to apply for an internship next summer.
I'm also applying for a C++ Game Programmer at 0ad, which looks marvelous and also has a very interesting setting(atleast for me).

EDIT:I also ought to get one of those christmas avatars...

New PC

My mom has always wanted a real PC, so now we've bought one and I'm ready to play some Membrane Massacre!

Unfortunately I don't have the code for ETI so I'm going to start a short project which can be done in a day or two.

See you all later, I'am off playing MM [smile]


Hello, my PC crashed again.

Well technically it didn't really crash. I had this windows activation thing going on, and since I cannot log on to Windows without it being activated and I can't connect to the internet before I have logged into Windows(activation requires the internet), I tried reinstalling Windows XP on top of the current one.

But after deleting all files nescesary for a new installation, it crashed and a Hard Disk Read Error was thrown in my face!

So we're sending it to support, since this is the third thing that goes wrong with this machine. First it was an SLI chip fan which isn't fixed because a shopkeeper scammed us(the fan is lying loose, that is) , second it was the hal.dll incident and now it is this. So I'll have it back in something like a week or two.


*Oxford UNI study shows that even though the middle letters are shuffled, a word can still be readable if the first and last letters are in place.


Hello, my PC crashed again.

Well technically it didn't really crash. I had this windows activation thing going on, and since I cannot log on to Windows without it being activated and I can't connect to the internet before I have logged into Windows(activation requires the internet), I tried reinstalling Windows XP on top of the current one.

But after deleting all files nescesary for a new installation, it crashed and a Hard Disk Read Error was thrown in my face!

So we're sending it to support, since this is the third thing that goes wrong with this machine. First it was an SLI chip fan which isn't fixed because a shopkeeper scammed us(the fan is lying loose, that is) , second it was the hal.dll incident and now it is this. So I'll have it back in something like a week or two.


*Oxford UNI study shows that even though the middle letters are shuffled, a word can still be readable if the first and last letters are in place.



I'm so happy with the way things are going. I managed to iron out some bugs aswell as implement simple enemy AI(including shooting). However the AI is not the fancy stuff I made last time. It's all if(enemy > player) enemy.x++ EX.
No AITarget->y here [grin].
This means that I won't be able to do fancy formations and so on, which ultimately means that it won't be like a good Space Invaders clone. I'am sorry but I still remember that 3 day rewrite it took me to refactor the classes so that AITarget was the base class instead of CObject. But, I promise that the next project of mine will include fancy AI [smile](I might even end up rewriting this project's AI, I really don't know what I'll do, depends hugely on your input...).
Anyway there is still one bug which is irritating, but which I know the nature of(I think). I have set up the AI so that it shoots only when it is at the exact same Y-coordinate as the Player. So that means that if the player is at 333 or some other annoying coordinate which is not dividable by 4(I haven't checked if 333 is, however) then the enemy can't reach it, and it will be "lagging" back and forth between 334 and 332.

So yeah, a heck of a weekend, and I was sick today aswell. Will go back to school tomorrow though.

Here are some screens of the enemy shooting at me:

This was without a bugfix(Enemy firing constantly)

And this was with(Enemy fires only one shot)

I'm gonna go and find a solution to that coordinate problem, if you guys(and gals, if any) have any idea, then It is much appreciated [smile].



Ok. Here is a more optimistic post. I'm now going to detail my progress on Extra Terrestrial Invasion.

I have:

-Restructured the folders of the project
-Deleted unnescesary files
-Made some feeble attempts at text-rendering
-Did a little change to the Rendering engine

Right now I'm thinking: "Why the hell should I use a txt-rendering library, when I can just use a bitmap and then figure out which parts to draw?"

I'm so fed up with it. I think I'm gonna go and do that AI code which I lost when my computer crashed.

EDIT: For simplicity's sake, I'm going to make all the Enemies have only one target, and that is the player. Much easier to code and I figure I won't have any other allies(like Sir Sapo's wingman, f.ex)



So, today I wanted to do something I have never done before, and that is sound. So I decided to use SDL_mixer, as I've heard it is quite simple.
But I still can't get it to compile. The problems seems to be that I have an independent function called void SetUp(). Ok, so I was naive enough to make a method in CSoundManager with the same name. And therefore it is saying that it "can't override CSoundManager::SetUp()" even though I've changed it to "CSoundManager::Ready()" a few tries ago.

Soooooo, any ideas? I've tried "Rebuild all" and "Compile current file" but to no avail.

Sorry for not giving you a more juicy update, I'am really sorry [sad].

I have decided to continue working on Extra Terrestrial Invasion, which I hope to have finished by christmas.

What I've been working on
I can't keep myself. I have to make a journal update with more than just text, so here goes my first project-oriented post in a long time.

Yes, believe it or not, blending wasn't implemented before today. However there are a few bugs:

This shows a very irritating bug which involves an "alpha" layer being laid on the whole ship image. I've moved to PNG and SDL_image, so I used the GIMP to make some alpha channels, but it doesn't seem to work. [sad]

This shows a more right way. As you can see the blending only occurs on where I want it(around the ship) It also shows the newly implemented bullet system(deaths will soon be implemented, however I have a hard time doing animation and FPS limiting/timing).

So I have two more weeks before I go back to my mum. But right now I have to go to sleep. Tell me what you guys think, especialy what you think that blending problem is. (I'm currently using

Thanks alot, see you guys later with a hopefully better update. [smile]


Daily tasks set for Monday:
-Write a newspaper collumn describing human rights violations in Russia/China/US or any other country(haven't decided yet, 2.5 pages)
-Write a 2.5 page about a book that we are supposed to have read already(I'm halfway with the book)
-I should be working on my music project which is already long overdue(10 pages, lol)
-English presentation about anything on the British Isles(I'll just talk about William Wallace[Age of Empires 2, anyone?[grin]] )

So, yeah. I'm fucked. Who says High-School is easy?

IQ tests


Congratulations, Oyvind!
Your IQ score is 118

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Precision Processor. This means you're exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic. You're also resourceful and able to think on your feet. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

Hooray for the IQ tests!

I'm also 15 which means that
if you are younger than 16, your Tickle IQ score might be slightly lower than your "true" IQ.

Goddamn I'm smart [smile].

Kidding! [grin]


My internet is down, so I'm writing this from an internet cafe.
Won't get Internet back before 3 weeks from now.
Gonna make a new game, design it and everything. I have a backup disk now [smile].

Cya, gotta go home.


I won't believe this. On monday when I returned from school(been a week with my mum), I turned the computer on and I was met with this message:

"Failed to boot because BOOT.INI was not found".


So my dad told me to keep the pc running and see what happens. Then, after a while:

"The following files may be corrupt or missing: hal.dll"

Double Shit.

So my brother is gonna try and fix it with Ghost. I'm using a SATA disc so replacing my current one(300GB) with a new one 250GB didn't come without a cost.
In addition, I may have lost all the source code for Extra Terrestrial Invasion.

Triple Shit.

However I'm gonna apply for a week at Opera Software as a tester or something. We have a work week at school you see. I have to include my resume, so these code problems are BAD, especialy since I haven't implemented FPS limiter yet(god knows what kind of machines Opera Software use). Anyways, I've asked my brother to keep the source code directory if he can.
*crosses fingers*



I forgot to say that I can't work on the project this week, because my mum uses MAC OS X. So I have a different update in store for you.

The day before yesterday was a dramatic day for our class. My dad predicted this would happen and that this is just normal the last year at high-school. But I don't fully believe him.
It started out in the mathclass. Me and a couple of others were sitting and doing what we were supposed to do, but there were people making an awful lot of noise(I guess they just want to work as a cleaner, anyway). A (very) good friend of mine turned around and asked if they could keep it down because it was hard to concentrate(however I was already in deep concentration - remember this when you read on). They rejected and said things like "let us be teens, you shut up". But they finnaly shut it when the math teacher(which is a very friendly one) explained to them why my friend needed concentration, and that math is a very demanding topic.
My math teacher had to leave early, so we were left to ourselves for a moment. Next up on the schedule was english, but our two main teachers were away, so we had an replacement.

He didn't show up.

So it went anarchy. People started running around and opening the lower windows(illegal, since we're at the 5th floor), they screamed and started playing high-frequency sounds on their mobile phone - however, as I said I was already concentrated. My friend weren't though, so after asking for silence a dozen times, he took his iPod and smashed it into the wall and took his mathbook and threw it out the window, then left. Up until now, the noisy people weren't unfriendly, however noisy. But now they flipped out aswell, shouting after him and calling him a maniac and some other things I won't write down.
Remember what I said about me being in deep concentration? Well, I was celebrated "because he does his homework allright and doesn't flip out".

People barely talk to my friend anymore, one of his best friends have abandoned him.
I can't stop thinking about that I could have been in his seat, hadn't it been for my ability to concentrate(and my inability to turn against my previous classmates).

So now we have two fractions in the class. The ones who care about their career and the ones who don't. When the noisy people start respecting our choices we might perhaps have a good athmosphere here, once again.

Fixed demo

Seems like texture dimensions are the problem. Some of you have an older version of OpenGL(1.1 or so) so it doesn't support textures ! power of 2.
Maybe that's also causing the slowdown on certain computers [smile].

Final testing on my mums computer later today, then I will upload(this fucking school won't let me create/upload .zip files anyway HAXXOR).

EDIT: Fixed Demo



I have an AI DEMO in store for you!

Basicly all you can do is navigate your ship around and the AI will do stuff.

Oh, and there's no shooting, alas no blood - sorry!

Read the notes.txt for more info [smile].

Thank you very very very much for testing it out and giving me feedback. I have worked a week to fix a bug which was all about a .bmp being 16-bit instead of 24 [grin], so some feeback would be nice [smile].

Thanks again!

ExtraTerrestrial Invasion AI Demo

Remember my post about memory management? Well, turns out it was just VS 2005 weeping over some kind of "exception". You know - that "Just-In-Time" debugger which I can't disable because my VS is the beta so I can't get into the program anymore(M$ disabled that a few weeks ago)...doh.

"Just-In-Time" also started bitching about TES:Oblivion, and since that is a comercial game and I'm making a sidescroller then I have decided not to care about this "error".

So yeah, here are a screenie(must be my first C++ game screenie ever). However the screenie is staged(bullets doesn't move yet) and I haven't implemented transparent images so the bullet background color is black, just as the clearcolor.

Well well, back to deving then - see you all later.


I almost forgot to say that me and my buddy and his buddy are making a company. Mainly based around PHP scripts but also games.

And we just got our webpage.

And forum:

Everything is programmed by me and my buddy. No premade scripts [smile].
On a second note, there's nothing there. But maybe you can check out Spillporten.skide.net which is our current project. It's all in norwegian but check it out anyway [smile].
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