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About this blog

Development blog detailing my goal to create a game in one month!

This project is Twinships, a game where a player controls two ships to destroy waves of enemies.

Entries in this blog

Twinships DevBlog #2

Added some yellow squares in place of enemies to see if the gameplay loop would be fun and unfortunately at a fundamental level it doesn't seem that appealing. The aiming takes quite a while to learn and was often annoying to do. Because of this I ended up adding a line between the two ships as a guide. It was also confusing and unintuitive to control the ships when they swapped sides, so I made the ships unable to cross the centre line. it feels like the game needs a more appealing objective than simply destroy as many enemies as possible. One possibility I'm thinking of is something similar to Vlambeer's Super Crate Box where enemies drop weapons and the goal of the game is to collect as many of them as possible while surviving constant waves of enemies which get harder over time. I was worried about taking away the energy system and letting players fire as much as they'd like because I believed that there should be a reason for players to not press the fire button. As it turns out, not wanting to shoot yourself is already a good enough reason! Here's an update gif!  

Twinships DevBlog #1

I decided to challenge myself to complete making a game in month. I have done one-game-in-a-weekend projects which are great for practice and learning, but they don't give me the time to work on things such as polish. It doesn't matter if the game doesn't turn out to be fun or great, the aim is simply to learn from the experience and have a product that's a bit more finished than what I've done before. For a long time, I have been working on a multiplayer versus game where the players control ships that fire bullets and each other. The gimmick was that instead of free aiming, the players constantly faced towards each other. Instead of focusing on good aiming, it focused on dodging your opponent's bullets. It was built upon the idea of a player-versus-player bullet hell. During it's development, I've been wondering what a single player mode would look like but I never went around to making one. This will be that project. The first name that came to mind was Twinships, let's see if it sticks! Game Description: Player controls two ships which always face each other. Shoot waves of enemies which are between your ships while avoiding shooting yourself. Positioning and movement is important! To-Do: Player movement Player collision Player attacks Basic shot Charged shot Enemies Behaviour Spawning Player health Score system Sound Music Menu Screen If I have time: More complicated enemies (Bosses?) Power-ups Different stages Co-op (2 and 4 ships options?) Things I'm unsure about: How should enemies spawn? From the centre? From the side? Both? Should there be an energy limiting system for the bullets? If there's no energy then why would the player choose to not spam the shoot button? There should be a good reason to release the button. Should the health be separate or shared? If separate, what should happen if one ship dies? Gif is what I have so far from day 1!  
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