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You've had your last burrito for a while.

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So I figured I would actually do something programming related. IFS fractals are cool, so I decided to implement a fractal flame algorithm that runs on the GPU (just like this).

Mine's not quite as cool, but here are a couple renders:

Ye Olde Sierpinski:

Some fancier ones:

Other things I'd like to do with it:
HDR tone mapping - right now it's just a log density effect Gaussian blur/glowy stuff Kernel density estimation - to help smooth out the noise

This all runs realtime (a pretty reasonable framerate on my 6600), so eventually I'd like to get some animation going.




Merry Christmas, Shittards

Well I figured I would jump on the bandwagon here, so I held a certain Hippo at gunpoint and forced him to photoshop a Santa hat onto my avatar. He botched it up, but since it's Christmas I only killed his cat. The compression artifacts look terrible too. Is space on the gamedev server really so precious that we can't have PNG avatars?

Edit: What the hell? the extension is .png but the content type is image/gif




Thanks for playing

Well that's it folks, thanks for joining me on the DukeAtreides076 Two Post Per Day (Except For Some Of Those Days Where He Forgot But Most Of The Days) Gauntlet Challenge. Aren't you glad it's over?





forgot AGAIN...too busy breaking my foot of in a motherfuckers ass in hellgate

I'll spam it with like 8 posts tomorrow or something.





I went to walmart to get a lazor pointer for my presentation tomorrow, but they don't sell them apparently. Couldn't be bothered to drive around town hunting one down either, so I guess I'll just wave my arms around crazily and shout. :(



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