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You've had your last burrito for a while.

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So I figured I would actually do something programming related. IFS fractals are cool, so I decided to implement a fractal flame algorithm that runs on the GPU (just like this).

Mine's not quite as cool, but here are a couple renders:

Ye Olde Sierpinski:

Some fancier ones:

Other things I'd like to do with it:
  • HDR tone mapping - right now it's just a log density effect
  • Gaussian blur/glowy stuff
  • Kernel density estimation - to help smooth out the noise

This all runs realtime (a pretty reasonable framerate on my 6600), so eventually I'd like to get some animation going.
Well I figured I would jump on the bandwagon here, so I held a certain Hippo at gunpoint and forced him to photoshop a Santa hat onto my avatar. He botched it up, but since it's Christmas I only killed his cat. The compression artifacts look terrible too. Is space on the gamedev server really so precious that we can't have PNG avatars?

Edit: What the hell? the extension is .png but the content type is image/gif


I went to walmart to get a lazor pointer for my presentation tomorrow, but they don't sell them apparently. Couldn't be bothered to drive around town hunting one down either, so I guess I'll just wave my arms around crazily and shout. :(
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