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About this blog

Im learning C++, and i will make updates to show what i am learning.

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I was sitting here and looking at some code, when a little voice inside my head told me to take a break, i thought what the hell, i went to the crutch, sat down, and before i knew it i had sleep t for 10 hours, and it was now 2pm Saturday morning CRAP.
i wish i could have a talk with who ever invented sleep, well not just talk, just get him to deinvent sleep, i hate sleeping, its a waste of 1/3 of my life.

here is a little program to test if you like sleep or not


using std::cout; using std::cin;
using std::string;

int main()
cout "\n\n Enter 1 to give a pressent to the sleep inventer\n";
cout " Enter 2 To strap him to a Nuke, thats about to go BOOM\n";

string nr;
cin >> nr;
if ( nr == "1" )
cout "\n\tSomeone hits you with a baseball bat from behind.\n";
cout "\tStraps you and the sleep inventer to a nuke.\n\n";
cout "\tBOOOOOMMMMM, you and the sleep inventer blow up.\n\n";


if ( nr == "2" )
cout "\t\nBOOOOOOMMMMM sleep inventer blows up";
return 0;

Now what did you chose :D





Newbie news...

programming * math = headache;

I am reading this nice little book called Accelerated c++, its a good book, but i have been out of school for some years, and have forgotten a lot of things, or maybe i should have payed more attention in school, yeah well hum.

I'm getting stuck at these exercises in this book, one right now mi to ..... to figure out,

" exercise 3-1
Suppose we wish to find the median of a collection of values. Assume that we have read some of the values so fare, and that we have no idea how many values remain to be read.
Prove that we cannot afford to discard any of the values that we have read. hint: One proof strategy is to assume that we can discard a value, and then find values for the unread--and therefore unknown--part of our collection that would cause the median to be the value that we discarded. "

Now i know what a median is (i think :D) , but i don't know what " Prove that we cannot afford to discard any of the values that we have read " means, I have no idea how to do that, I don't think its how to program it thats the problem, i don't even know how to do it in real life, and google keeps annoying me, wont give me the answer. :(

There you have it another few days in the life of a newbie c++ programmer, with an increasingly bad headache.

Ok, now who stole my aspirin.....





What more can i say, i use to program on the Commodore vic 20, and c64, but that was 15 years ago, started to take some night courses in amos on the Amiga, then then commodore died, and took a few courses in Turbo pascal, but i lost interest, and that was 10-12 years ago, if not more.
So today 2005 the most i can remember is a bit of c64 coding, but a lot has slipped my mind. so basically i am starting from scratch, and i chose to learn C++.

So fare i have gotten a few books
Accelerated C++
C++ Common Knowledge

I plan on getting a few more, in the coming weeks and months.
I will keep people updated on my progress, so you can see how long it takes me to learn C++
I'm not taking any classes to learn this, all the help i get, is from books, the Internet, and the nice people around the web.



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