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About this blog

Development updates on game projects. Current Game: Heroes:Brink of Darkness

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Change in Theme

Well, I have made some progress to have a basic screen shot showing map heights and a couple of different textures.

Next will be character sprites in the world. Probably 2 weeks out due to Christmas time and the traveling I will be doing.

I have been thinking about the main premise of my game and I am beginning to have my doubts about its appeal. I also think it will be a lot easier to base it on a mythical world rather than a psuedo real world. Texturing and places of battles could begin to look pretty boring and the same. Where if I go back to the more traditional RPG instead of my superhero RPG, I could have a lot more interesting environments. Battles would be a little more interesting, and lets face it, battles and upgrading characters is one of the greatest appeals to the the turn-based strategy RPG.


Heroes:Brink of Darkness has had slow development for the last month, partly due to my regular job and some just due to the holidays. Anyway, I have done some work.

I had built a loader for an exported 3D model. It was for the Game Exchange 2 format. After viewing the challenged image, I realized, it wasn't the loader, but the export was using a different UV map than I wanted it to. It results in an odd looking model.

I am going to put aside the model loader for now and move on to other things.
  • 3D Map Tiles

  • 2D animated sprites

  • HUD

  • Menu

  • This week, I have implemented a socketed client server. Right now it is just passing a custom class and I will eventually will have it maintain and broadcast the game in a multiplayer game, but it is now only a shell and place holder for the communications.

    I also have some small images of the character concept art.

    Kung Fu Fighter

    Master Archer

    Well, this hopefully keeps me motivated to keep working on this game until its completion. I am very excited about this project and hope you find it exciting as well.

    The game will be developed in Java (LWJGL), thus playable on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is a Final Fantsy Tactics style game, but with new gameplay elements and different stategies. As I get more developed, I will show screen shots. I am currently beginning some character art and models.

    I have done a proof of technology demo before, but I can not show that since the sprites were borrowed from another game. As soon as I can get some original sprites done, I can show a screen of that.

    Hope you enjoy the game when it is done.
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