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About this blog

Blog of my game currently known as "Bunninja"

Join the discord server: discord.gg/WMvFamW

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Presenting Bunninja

Presenting Bunninja
Bunninja is set in a subterranean world where animals have built their society. One day, for a mysterious reason, everything starts to collapse and demons rise from the depths below. As one of the last ninjas, you must set out to explore this big kingdom to find the truth and save the world. But it won't be easy: not only will you have to face countless demons, but also some fellow animals that will cross your path aswell!  
The game is pretty much a roguelite (permanent death!, upgrades...), but there are no "levels": it's just a big open-world of interconnected zones. There are villages and houses that are hand-made, always at the same place, but the zones that connect them are procedurally generated. There will also be bosses, sidequests, and wide variety of interesting weapons and items, giving the game a high replay value in spite of its lack of progress.
There's also a multiplayer option I'm making. For now it's just more bunnies in a different colour but I'm thinking about having other animals unlockable by doing sidequests, which would be the only unlockable thing in the game. And maybe each character would have a special ability.
(I'm calling it "Bunninja" for now but I'm looking for a better name. Open to suggestions!)
Join the discord server! discord.gg/WMvFamW
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