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About this blog

Current digital artwork, drafts, ideas, and projects. AKA IrishArtist

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Feather: A Tale of a Rabbit, a Bird, and a Hunter

My animation is finished! And you all thought it would never happen ;)





Oh hell yeah!

I just found out that I am going to be an IRTS Fellow this summer. What does this mean?

Well, the IRTS Fellowship is essentially an all expense paid internship in New York City. They accept only 25 of the best and brightest people in the nation for this. I'm telling you - competition was tough. I've been applying for this since last September and have had to send approximately 30 essays and go through an interview.

IRTS is sort of like a communications trade organization. They select people from all areas of media communications and place them with companies in New York that fit their backgrounds. I will be placed in a commercial production company. They haven't told me which one yet though.

Regardless, I'm becoming a New Yorker this summer, and will probably be one for a while. Any Gamedev New Yorker's out there?

- Tom Wade Murphy




New Sprite Editor Released

The new Sprite Editor, featuring a GUI designed by yours truly, has just been released alongside the uber-awesome free and fully featured FlatRedBall game engine.

Here's a screenshot.

GUI is still under construction. While the engine is fully functional, we are still working non-stop on it. Keep up with the engine and download the SE and FRB.dll at http://www.flatredball.com




First Minute of "Feather"

After a short pause to finish the bird and get it rigged, I've finally extended the intro to this animation just a little bit. Now I'm up to a minute -- two months to my festival deadline!!! *sweats*

(download it from this directory... its XVid, so you'll need either videolan(.org) or the xvid codec for windows media player (www.divx.com))




Job hunting...

Still looking for a permanent job. I just sent out an app at the Walker *crosses fingers* along with about 15 - 20 apps to a bunch of small production companies that I've never heard of.

All my business major friends already have jobs lined up... and they tell me "You did realize you were asking for this when you decided to become an art major"


Should have an interesting animation clip and poster to show by the end of the week though... ;)




Ideas Festival

Each year, Indiana University hosts Ideas Festival, which includes a category for game design. If anyone is interested its http://www.ideasfest.org





You might notice a lot of broken links on old posts. I changed domains to http://www.tomwademurphy.com

Until I take the time to fix them, just change the domain manually to view them.




Recent Work

Just tossing around some stuff I recently uploaded...

Finally after working for NASA for an entire year I get to move out of the subsurface and into space hehehe. Here's a quick render of a couple planets in no particular order or scale.

Kind of an odd pose... and with a blue wash over it. But, the final version of the rabbit for my animation.

Heheh, the "grim reaper" bird. Notice the reaping visual metaphors heheh.

I've got some more, I'll upload later for sure.




I'm... still alive :)

School and work have been taking up a lot of my time lately. Currently looking for a job to get me the hell outta indiana. I just had my senior thesis show and participated in a group show that were both huge successes. Things are starting to slow down and open up, so expect me to start posting again... hopefully. In the mean time, I am in the IRC chat very often as IrishArtist.

Current Projects/Events (More info to follow):
-Educational Documentary for NASA Astrobiology (National Distribution)
-Video Installation for New York National Hall of Science
-Short Festival Animation (Feather... yes, I'm still working on it!)
-Some prints for a show in april
- http://www.flatredball.com
And of course, various other projects not worth mentioning... more info to follow.





Making a forest in 3d is tough... But I'm making due. Here's what I have so far...





Finished my pirate flash game.

Play it Here





Yeah, so I've been away for a long time... Busy as ever with classes etc. I'm still here tho... busy working away on an animation project.

Here's a recent render...




Updates updates updates....

This has been a busy assed semester! I think I'm going to have to drop one of my classes... no time for anything!!

I've got the basic mechanism down for my dinky lil flash game I'm making for my game design class. Here's a demo: http://projects.kandolo.com/pirate/demo1.swf

Starting a new animation, should be really awesome :) I'm really digging my idea... I'll probably elaborate on it later once my storyboards are finished.

Also, I was offered to co-write a basic 3d modelling/animation textbook with one of my professors. (!!!) Currently waiting on a publisher to OK it.

Time to get back to work....




New Artist's Statement: Rough Draft

Most recently I've come across the notion that I've lost the sense of wonder that used to be so pervasive in my childhood. Experience devolves into repetition, the exotic turns mundane, and naivety now feels nostalgic.

This realization, this inquiry, this apperception, this loss of a vital function of living angers me and has thrust me forward into this pursuit. To reclaim this sense of wonder, to understand how it was lost, and to block the burgeoning decay of my sense of perception is why the art I create exists.

The answer lies in ritualistic anamnestic storytelling. I must remember how I remembered, burst beyond the banal world around me, and recreate what I have, had, and will perceive with a newfound sense of spirituality and wonder.

To accomplish this, I have been using digital compositing technology to actualize a new visual language spoken in marks, movements, and moments. Using sketches, photos, videos, mementos, sounds, and memories as "information", I develop pseudo-algorithms in an optical sense that parses, displaces, and re-invigorates these notions as a new idea and representation in time.

The focus of my work is memory and perception directed towards the past, present, or future. Works dealing with the past often involve revisiting old photographs, video footage, people, and places. The result is an experimental inquiry of how these radially approached notions have aged and settled and become part of my identity.

Works whose focus is the present insist that one attempt to comprehend how one processes a day-to-day environment. Time speeds forward, and perception becomes memory often before it can be felt. These works attempt to capture the process of archiving experiences in memory. Here, I use a camera and/or camcorder to fully document a phenomenon and work with the footage digitally in as much of an abstract-expressionistic style as is possible on a computer. These also question related phenomena such as the importance of memory recorded in technology and the mind and body's response to new thoughts and emotions.

Other works look toward the future. This is no sort of divination, but more of an attempt to focus my mind-reality in a direction towards a new way of perceiving. These works are often purely abstract or inventive and possibly the most cryptic of my works.

I prefer non-literal art. I want a user to acknowledge that my work has meaning, feel that it has meaning, yearn and seek out that meaning, but in no way do I want a viewer to have a definitive grasp on the exactitude of a project. A successful piece enables the user to perceive the meaning of the project, not necessarily understand it.

My strongest influences come not from artist's themselves but from philosophers and art critics, specifically Erich Voegelin and John Berger. With my style, I hope to capture the hauntingly spiritual essence of landscapes by Casper David Friedrich. I am also fascinated by the ideas presented by artists who question the current state of their own personal reality, specifically Vito Acconci and Adrian Piper.




School school school....

Its a tough transition coming back to school after spending an entire summer making my own schedule and sleeping in every day. I'm starting to get adjusted.

Last Monday my first class was Drawing 1 at 6:45 PM.... I know what you are thinking... why the hell am i taking Drawing 1? Its my last studio art class for my degree. I'm a 3-dimensional artist. I'm horrible with most things 2d :) I think I'm going to like the instructor. I knew before coming in that he was a new MFA painting student. There was a good chance that this was his first class he's ever taught and he could have been a horrible instructor. I think I lucked out though. he has a masters degree in art education. Sweet deal. I might actually learn something!

Tuesday was long. My first class was Topics in East Asian Art: Japanese Art Revival and Reinterpretation. Sounded cool. After seeing the syllabus and listening to the topics covered... I decided I'm going to drop the class. It covers a few very specific and random topics, but doesn't really provide a strong background in Japanese are like I would have liked. Plus, I didn't fancy writing a 15 page page paper on woodblock prints.

Immediately after I went into my 19th Century Painting II class. The class coveres from the pre-raphaelites through the worlds fair exhibition in paris in 1900. I think I like this class. Two exams, one paper. The paper is an exhibition proposal that makes a statement that relates to current events. My plan is to propose an exhibition of recreations of works destroyed by war, most specifically WW1 and WWII. Which relates to the present time for obvious reasons. This should be a fun class.

Finally, I went into my last class of the day, a graduate course, "Art, Entertainment, and Information". This is essentially an intro game design class for graduate students. Its a collaborative learning environment. Everyone is either a writer, an artist, a programmer, or musician. We form groups and make things. Should be fun :) Its a great program if anyone is looking for a graduate school to apply into... http://www.mime.indiana.edu

So this morning I made a really stupid mistake. I have a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies in Art History. She emails me stating "Tomorrow at 12:15". Unfortunately I didn't check the date of the email and thought it was today. So, I came to campus way too early (and you wondered why this was an unusually long journal entry!!). I'm currently working on getting approval to take an independent "Readings and Research in Art History" class with a studio art professor. I'm planning on doing some research on interactive art and gaming, or even collaborative online 'grassroots' art making (like we are essentially doing here). No art history professor is going to be able to help me with that, so I am planning on working with Margaret Dolinsky, and leading expert in networked virtual reality research. If this goes well, I'd also like to extend this into a senior honors thesis.

I'm about to go to my class that replaces my japanese art class. Its the MFA seminar in digital art. Should be pretty easy, coincides with my independent study. Meets once a week.

The second half of the semester I'll be picking up one other class. Its "Sources and Resources in Studio Art". Its a class that teaches me about dealing with galleries, writing proposals, and generally how to survive as a career artist. Should be informative.

And... beyond that, I've got a deadline with NASA on Sept 10th, as well as with Fruny and Acoustica's game on Sept 10th (international talk like a pirate day, ARGH!). I have an exhibition proposal due and a final letter describing my internship last spring due October 1st. The nice lazy days of summer are certainly over :(




Financial Aid Woes

Its that time of year again... time to be angry at financial aid!!

So, I get my refund check today. It was nice and hefty, but it essentially was just my grant, no loans. So, I keep calling the bursars office all morning, but kept receiving a busy signal. I finally get through, and then I'm on hold. Fifteen minutes later... I get told I need to call the financial aid office. So, I call the financial aid office. Its busy. I keep calling over and over again... and then finally get the luxury of waiting on hold. Then finally 3 hours since I began this adventure I get ahold of this girl that sounds hungover and doesn't want to talk to me. She essentially says the loan people haven't processed my loan yet but it should happen.

So anti-climactic.... arggh! ARRRGGHHH!!!!

But any way... check out what I'm buying.

Epson 2200





MMMMmmm.... Decisions decisions.

No new art to show (sorry, been lazy today). However, I just found my new favorite cheese. I'm amazed. Its a cheese thats flavored like horseradish. Doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?

But it is!!!!

So, I'm currently pondering which art history I should take. I can take a cool easy 300 level Japanese Art History class... which I'm currently signed up for. OR! I could drop it, and take a 700 level "Themes in Research Technologies" graduate art history class. Also involves me having to write a 20 page term paper.

Well... to me the choice is obvious... but I'm really being pressured by my dept to take this graduate level class. The benefit to me taking it is that I can do some nice strong in depth research in computerization and gaming as an art form (and share my findings) but then again... I've always wanted to take a Japanese art class.

ARrrgghhh!!!!!! *eats some horseradish flavored cheese*




Pirate Board

So, I didn't get much done today. Shortly after I started to get to work my friends stormed my apartment and decided I was having a party.

Nonetheless I got started on a "pirate card table" piece 'o GUI for Acoustica and Fruny's game. Its by far not finished, but here's the rough draft:

(The skull and crossbones is currently a GIS. Waiting on Acoustica to give me a proper sketch to burn in there)





So I spent a lot of time fiddling with my journal template... only to just give up and place something simple... Aaahhhhh!!!!!




More Stuff

Here's another test image in the rachel series...

And a test card I made for Fruny and Acoustica's Pirate Game (Arrgghh!!!)





I've begun some work creating some print digital composite photography (as per a large grant I just received). Here are a couple tests from the "Rachel" series.




NASA Astrobiology Demo

Here's a flash streaming video file of this demo I finished at work. This is a "sample" of a Educational DVD.

Also, a slug-like creature for Enturu.




Radiosity and HDRI Lighting

So I finally took the time to learn HDRI lighting in combination with Radiosity with Cinema 4d... and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. In my defence, up until recently I haven't had the computer where this type of render was practical. Any how, here's the amazing difference...

I'm definitely going to use this more often. (I heard that the new version of C4d actually incorporates .hdr integration!! I should find out soon, my job is buying me a copy of C4D R9!)



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