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About this blog

The project is unequivocally non-profit and applicable to such tasks:

- go through the entire sequence of the project’s release in Steam,

- get the project in the portfolio

- Practice low-budget indie marketing.

- game development skills upgrade )

And all this - with a minimum budget.

The game is done on Unity.

Some free content assets from the asset store. Many of them are highly modified.
 All code is mine. 

The plot and setting of the shooter is based on the comic strip by Alexadr Dyakov "Owl - is an effective manager.

The Hare from the comic strip will act as the protagonist.

His opponents: jerboas, raccoons, bats, wolves (as the most guards and security forces of the owl) and owls themselves.

Duration of the game - 5 locations (Forest, Plant, Offices, Snow-capped mountains, Desert).
 2-3 hours of gameplay.

The emotional goal of the game is to respond to the experiences that arise when reading a comic book.))
The use of characters and several pages of the comic book has already been agreed with the author of the comic book.

Game Features: 

- "dismembered" - you can shoot \ tear off an enemy limb, tail or head (which is lethal, of course). Also, the "fifth point" (ass) is vulnerable for some enemies. 

- several types of weapons for making "meat": fork, axe, chainsaw, flamethrower, grenade launcher, machine gun, double-barreled shotgun and one futuristic weapon avaliable close to the end of the game 

- a lot of blood and violence

- high game dynamics (not DOOM but... ))

- the possibility of attacks from the back, which provides the mechanics of "silent killings"
- enemies have a limited view, and respond to sounds 

- weather system (snow, rain, fog, thunderstorm, wind), change of time of day 

- localization of hits and change in the behavior of opponents, depending on their condition.

We trying to make it cheap (in development), simple and fun as possible.

At the moment, alpha version of game is already ready. All described features of the game are implemented already.

Current development status:

- game mechanics (moving, interacting, shooting, damage models) - READY

- metagaming (purchase of weapons and ammunition between locations, briefing and debriefing) - READY

- AI of opponents (attacks, evasion, player search, reactions to changes in the situation, state of stunning, etc.) - READY

- first location (passage scenario, content, level design, cut scenes) - READY

- rest of locations - WIP

the software part is 95% complete. Polishing gameplay, optimizing and bug fixing in progress.

The following specialists are invited to the project enthusiastically:

1. Sound-designer
2. 3D artists (modelers) - enviroment props
3. 3D Animators - there are 4 characters need to be animated

Planned Steam release  -  september-october 2019.

Entries in this blog

Detailing of enemie's models

Deside to change an indication of enemie's level (it can be 0-2 with different health, weapon, and some abilities). Before it was shown by icon of different colors. It was a draft solution. Now it shown by props. For example - jerboa and racoon:



Unity crashes during baking lightmaps (non-solved)

Trying to bake a lightmaps for finished two locations: Forest and Factory. Unity crashes anywhere after 6-9 hours of baking. Reason: "not enough RAM, error I\O baking data".    My PC config is: 1. RAM 16 Gb 2. CPU P4 G3250 3,2GHz. 3. Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.   At the crash moment: CPU - full loading both cores RAM - full loading of 16 Gb Swap file is above 30Gb (50 Gb HDD is free) Unity GI cache is 11 Gb.



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