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Dao Game Studio's horizontal armor bullet shooting class "Boom Crash" will be launched on iOS and Android on November 5, 2019 and can be downloaded for free.

The official said that "Iron Armor" is a tank-style catapult casual mobile game, players will choose their own mechs in the game, with shells and skills, to form a unique team with a personal style, the use of strength and Wisdom wins the game.

The game is cool and easy to operate!

The overall style of the game is a very typical cyberpunk style, and the 3D visual sense created by the front and rear layers is eye-catching and full of technology. The game is easy to operate, just swipe the operation keys on both ends of the screen to adjust the height and strength of the shell launch, you can complete the game operation, it is easy to get started!

The road of athletic legend is about to begin!  "Boom Crash" gameplay and game features are revealed!

In addition to self-assembling chariots, cool styles, and easy to use, “Boom Crash” is also one of the highlights of the massive tanks and shells. It also attracts players with highlights such as rankings and real-time battles on the palm. Go to fight. The perfect projectile launching route, the cool start effect, test the wisdom of each player!

1, the shellball + chariot exclusive skills + equipment + plug-in combination of fighting pleasure

Laser bombs, electromagnetic pulse bombs and other massive shells are randomly selected, with a variety of physical vehicle equipment such as defense matrix, liquid nitrogen cooling system, concentrator, and a variety of hard core plug-ins to help fight upgrades, making your chariots even more powerful !

2. A variety of combat play farewell boring, handheld real-time SOLO fierce competition!

1V1, 2V2, team formation and other battle modes test the strength and wisdom, each 10 minutes of tank showdown, quickly match the battle anytime, anywhere, can also call friends and friends to open black, compete against the players of various countries, the competition to turn the tide Gold teammates.

3. the ranking system determines the legendary king

"Iron Armor" not only has a variety of ways to play, but also joined the rank system. Real-time global matching with the same player, players can be in the ranks of PK legendary gods, to the top of the glory. The treasure chests of different segments are rich in rewards for the segment, so that players can become stronger without paying for gold.

According to the official, this game requires internet connection and supports English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese.


Entries in this blog

Boom crash is online, now feedback effective bugs have gifts sent.

The ballistic shooting mobile game "BoomCrash" developed by the game team DaoGame has been on the line for many days. Currently, many players are reacting to errors in the game. Our plan brothers are currently working overtime.
Download the game now and send us a message on Facebook to respond to valid errors. There will be a good gift! Come join us and fight! —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— FB:https://www.facebook.com/YDboomcrush/



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