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Too Many Games

Copied from http://www.nonpareilstudios.com/


Shh. Top secret. Our development team is meeting many milestones lately. Honestly, it's a lot of fun. Our current project has had so many amazing twists and turns, but it's really starting to feel less like software and more like a child.. Is that weird? Even if it is, that's how it feels either way.

I love my day job as a software engineer, but there's really no substitute for independent video game development for me. It's something I'll never be able to give up.

In either case! Nonpareil Studios, LLC. will soon be launching its first title in beta / testing phases. Also, we will be attending the Too Many Games expo in the greater Philadelphia area. Should be a good time. The conference is not so much geared specifically towards video games, but rather games in general. Sort of.. nondiscriminatory I suppose, but games are games when it all comes down to it. You play games to have fun, and we just want to create fun. Seems like a fine fit.

If you're in the Philadelphia area around the time of Too Many Games 2012, please come and stop by at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

Looking forward to it!
Sheridan Bulger (President)
Nonpareil Studios, LLC
Number of lines = 15,380, number of code files = 104, number of code-generated lines = 648, number of user-entered blank lines = 2,015, number of user-entered comments = 812

Everything is coming along nicely here!

Between my day job and side projects? Probably 70-80 hours of programming weekly >.>
Implemented background loading and two kinds of particle systems (ribbons and static). The color spectrum on the particle systems can contain any number of colors, have a general velocity to them, have randomizing rotations, and various other simple effects. The ribbons are nifty as well ;)





I'm really liking the surreal graphics. Productivity is flying. Most of what you see in this video has been done this week. If you have the connection speed, prefer switching to youtube HD, much easier to see what's going on.


Some 2d stuff?

[font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][size="7"][size="5"][heading][color="#000080"]Editor fun (Project Ryfle)[/color][/heading]




This is one of my more fun projects ;)

Hopefully I'll be able to disclose more about it in the short term.
Do me a favor, friends. Let me know if this works in your browser. It should look like the picture below. The links should scroll the background. Right now a minimum screen width of 1200 is required for the links bar to look correct, but I'll probably find a way to shrink that without damaging the aesthetics.



Well it's been five years since I've had a subscription here, and I felt the urge to purchase one :]. I am now 19 years old, and I work full time as a .Net software developer. I am now working on a game engine programmed primarily in C# (a language which I love, btw). I will probably post a more lengthy descriptive post about the project in the near future, but as a summary..

[subheading]Fugitive Game Engine:[/subheading]
  • Internal Filesystem
  • Load-screen free zone system
  • Zone specific atmosphere settings
  • Custom Event Driven UI System
  • Hierarchical Entity Format
  • World, Entity, and UI Editors (Unified Program)
  • Procedural landscape generation
  • Game states
  • In game date/time system (scalable)
  • Various other small featuresBut enough about me, screenshots incoming!



It's not the prettiest XML, but it's very functional.


"weapon_melee_sword_of_the_lion" type="equippable" mesh="sword.mesh" material="Weapons/Sword" name="Sword of the Lion" worth="40" maxDurability="40" icon="Icons/BasicSword">
"attackpower" value="42" />
"strength" value="10" />

"trade_gold" type="trade" mesh="gold.mesh" material="Trade/Gold" name="Gold" worth="1" maxDurability="-1" icon="Icons/Gold" />


"armor_shield_basic_shield" type="equippable" mesh="shield.mesh" material="Armor/Shield" name="Basic Shield" worth="50" maxDurability="45" icon="Icons/BasicSword">
"armor" value="70" />

and the log

18:37:28: Item 'Sword of the Lion' successfully added
18:37:28: Item 'Gold' successfully added
18:37:28: itemlist1.itl successfully parsed
18:37:28: Item 'Basic Shield' successfully added
18:37:28: itemlist2.itl successfully parsed



I modeled this guy yesterday, I think he looks pretty leet for early stages:

As for what I'm currently working on? Well let's just say you'll soon see a video with NPCs walking around. Oh shit I said too much..

NPC scripts

No time for a real entry, here's an npc script in its current stage.


"droplist.itl" />
"model.mesh" material="material/material/mat" gender="male" canWearArmor="true">

"head" items="armor_head_leather_cap, armor_head_none" />
"chest" items="armor_chest_studded_leather, armor_chest_heavy_leather" />
"legs" items="armor_legs_plated_leather_shin_guards" />
"feet" items="armor_feet_hard_leather_boots" />
"arms" items="armor_arms_leather_arms" />
"hands" items="armor_hands_gurlichts_studded_manglers" />
"leftring" items="trinket_ring_none" />
"rightring" items="trinket_ring_none" />
"neck" items="trinket_neck_none" />
"projectileweapon" items="weapon_projectile_heavy_war_crossbow" />
"meleeweapon" items="weapon_melee_axe_of_the_magic_circlet" />
"shield" items="armor_shield_none" />

Gurlicht the Mangler
Western Independent Briggade
Faction Dependant

"onDeath" file="gurlichtDeath.ogg" />

and here's a screenshot of right now, npc's not implemented yet:

throne and doctors

This post has two parts, one is life the other is throne:

Why do doctors make appointments they can't keep? Today I say the guy that did surgery on my arm, I spent two hours waiting. Last time it took 3. Then after that I had to RUSH to get a checkup from my primary care doctor.


Upon getting home I modeled this for the hell of it, I'm sure I'll find a use for it.
I rarely do this, so sit back and relax. What follows is a non-gamedev related post.

People do persist to piss me off. I went into the doctor's office on monday to get my cast off and have it replaced with a splint. After the X-Rays are taken, the doctor says that his nurse Alfredo will be in in a minute to remove my stitches.
This guy(in no particular order):

* Did not know the difference between a splint and a soft cast
* Persisted to talk to me about myspace while removing my stitches
* Removed the stitches on the right side of my arm with a ripping motion ripping them *through* my skin.

Cool, now I have a removable split. I can shower without bagging my arm. I can show people the huge scars that are still healing. I had Chicken Alfredo that night for dinner...

A good thing happened Tuesday, I hooked up my brother's computer with my hard drive until my fan(which someone I thought reliable was supposed to send out 3 weeks ago tomorrow) comes. At least I can work again(see the screenshot in my last post).

Flash forward to last night, I got somewhere up to 40 myspace bulletins and messages asking if I'm going to some guy that I don't even like's band's first show at a place called The Door. I didn't go. Suddenly I'm an asshole.

Ugh. I can't wait for tomorrow to come. Then I can go back to school and talk and have the fun associated with having a ton of people around you your own age. Even at a learning facility...