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About this blog

Corman spends most of his time with his head buried in code or in a pillow.

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Growing season

The data I have put up until here has shown that my test planet has been having a good growing season. Because I know people would perfer more images I have included a detailed satellite image of the planet during this nice weather. I am also tired of this planet not having a name other than being called test or by its designation P2X-381. This planet may never make it into any final project but I do believe it deserves a proper name so any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Click for larger image




World forecast

I have been refining the weather systems some more again and below is a current precipitation forecast from one of my planets. It may look simple in some ways but there is a pile of research behind it a mile high. In the future I may give simplified examples of the rules that describe this system.




Merry Codemas!*

*This programmer art was inspired by HopeDagger's good idea. Have a great Christmas and may your holidays be festive and safe.




Not just another terrain engine

I have always been a perfectionist and shy about my work always hording any details about it until I believed it was done or due. Now that I have a journal and an audience I am going to have to work on this quirk as well as a few others. Below is a brief glimpse of one of the things I am working on. The image is a collage of artificialy colored outputs from one of our new experimental tools for planet creation and management. These outputs and others are compiled to form the base data used for our world engine. This data includes but is not limited to altitudes, climates, and yearly average temperature, precipitation, and cloud coverage. From all of this we derive our land coverage classifications used by the world engine for procedural reconstuction and detail for rendering. At this time this is all I can share on this but the details will show up here as I am able to release them.

Altitude, Climate, Temperature, and Precipitation:




Crunch time

With it being almost time for me to break a bit for the holidays I had to put a little extra time in at work. We had a hard milestone to hit to show some demos to our investors which meant some serious crunch time. Below are some aftermath pictures of my office and the company breakroom when everything was all said and done.

My fully equiped office:

This is where I post from:

The breakroom is scary:

Many bad habits:




The start of yet another developer's journal

I have been visiting the GameDev.net community for a long time now and I have finaly decided to show my support by becoming a GDNet+ member. It is almost hard to believe that I have been lurking on this site for almost 4 solid years now with every minute being worth it. I have been known to have this strange obsession of just observing things and I very guilty of it here. It has always been exciting to see the next generation of developers learn and grow by trial and error and the experienced teach and guide by example. Because I know that there are others out there like me I chose to use my new found privileges to start this journal. Since most of my time is spent with my head either in code or in a pillow hopefully I can find reasonable time to write here. So who am I?

My name is Shea Street (aka Corman) and currently I am a co-founder and programmer with Tantrum Games. I have been programming now for about 16 years and I am entirely self taught. I still do contract work and provide consulting on the side but my core work is here with Tantrum Games.

You can check out articles on some of my work in the following books:

1. "Keeping a Massively Multiplayer Online Game Massive, Online, and Persistent" - Game Programming Gems 5
2. "Massively Multiplayer Games Using a Distributed Services Approach" - Massively Multiplayer Game Development 2



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