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The Most Stable Release Yet!

The current live version of Vivid War is our most stable yet! I am excited to see the game beginning to take a better form! I back up the relases as they become stable, using my own versioning scheme.

Some cool features new since last post:
Semi-Dynamic Explosions: Explosions are animated randomly from a set of premade images. This allows for the animations to appear different every time, while looking "generally the same."
Added Image Preloader: Was necessary to avoid images from "popping" out of nowhere during the beginning of a game. Will make it more user-friendly soon.
MS Internet Explorer Fixes: The Live Version should now work on MS Internet Explorer also. Please report any bugs!




Finished Coding Explosions!

I'm stoked, I just finished the core code necessary to show explosions when objects collide.

I was wondering if it would be cool to have bullets/missiles to be able to explode if they hit eachother, or if they should just "pass through" eachother.

The prior may involve too much collision detecting and may make the game slower if too many objects are on the screen, but make the game more realistic. You can blow up incoming missiles to defend yourself. However alot of games use the "pass-through" system and they are still quite fun to play!

Still In Progress
Dynamic Questing System
Allow capability to upload and/or modify quests dynamicly while the user is still playing.

More Graphics, Enemies and Upgrades
Random explosion sprites
Enemies spawned randomly at differeing locations




Latest Vivid War Progress

I have made the enemy list completely recycable just like the projectile. Now I can spawn enemies and not have to worry about the enemylist getting out of hand.

The downside of making the enemies recycable is that now clicking on an enemy to follow it no longer works in internet explorer. But it does still work in netscape, firefox, and opera, go figure.

I just use element.setAttribute('onmouse...', 'code') for each new enemy. Is there a similar way to do it in Internet Explorer? I am researching it. Is click on an enemy to follow it even something you players would like?

Anyway, so far, besides the clicking on enemies to follow them--the only other problem i have is the images not loading correctly in internet explorer (no surpise), yet they load fine in the other browsers. I would like my game to work in internet explorer the same way it does in the other browsers, but Microsoft's firm stance on ie 6 updates is disheartening.




Early Screen Shots

Live Game Demo of Vivid War

The game requires no installers, only that javascript is enabled :D

Here are some early screenshots of my game :D
(Edit: removed because the images took too long to load)

The debug window has info that is probably only meaningful to me at the moment. Some of the debug labels are being used for things other than specified lol!

Features that seem to be working as intended are:

Menus display correct data
Click on an enemy to select it as target
Click on land to select it as target
Space bar to fire, w, a, s, d standard movement
Maps load while playing game so you do not have to wait for a load screen while travelling

Features that are not quite finished yet:

Moving windows is buggy in opera, but seem to work in rest of browsers tested
You cannot cancel automove by firing your weapon (intended so you can fire while chasing enemy), but you have to cancel moving (by pressing a movement key) before you can fire again (not intended)
Saving window position so windows stay the same on your next visit (Should I save using cookies or save on server?)




Vivid War News

So yes, although I am still far away from a complete game, I have finished alot more of my game! :D

I am excited cuz now you can click on the enemy to auotfollow him! Click on the map to go to that spot, the backgrounds should load while you are playing the game, although it works as intended for when you are moving, it still has some issues. The preloading of the characters and projectiles has some bugs I am addressing. I have it to where you can drag/drop the stat windows, and I am fairly happy with that added customization ability :D For some reason its a little screwey in Opera, I am currently investigating that too...

Hmm...I'm hoping this journal gets some feed back, I want to make my game very fun and for people to enjoy it, so please tell me what kind of features you all would like to see :D



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