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Pretty lame, but hopefully pictures will come!

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I hope I don't mess this up!

Long time no see.

Well, I've been pretty much defunct from the GameDev scene as the result of College and that dreaded place known as Reality. But summer is coming up, and hopefully I will have some more time to devout to GameDev. During my free time I have been working on an idea for a game that I am pretty excited about, but I want to flesh out the idea more before I set it loose on the internet.

What I am most excited about is tomorrow I have a programing test for a summer internship at a Game Developer. I'm really excited about it, because I honestly didn't think I would get past them reading my resume, but here I am. I'm also pretty nervous about it because, well, I honestly don't want to mess this up! I'm pretty confident that if I actually get there to interview, I can get the job, because I like to think I am sociable person that is easy to get along with. So, wish me luck, and if any of you wise guru's out there have any tips for me, it would greatly be appreciated.




Curse you college work

The annoying thing about being in college is having to do projects that do nothing but eat up any and all time you have to work on the most important thing in life, game programming. But, just to let all my fans know that I am not dead, and by all my fans I mean Sir Sapo, I am still working on my game. Progress has been slowed due to a bunch of tests and projects, but that should be all taken care of by the end of the week.

Since I haven't had time to really sit down and work on the editor, I have been taking time to work on a sub system of the editor that I did have time to work on. My engine currently has support to read files from the file system, or files stored in my own pack file system, so I work a subsystem to the engine that will automatically package all of the game's resources into a pack file when I am ready for the release, and the engine will then be able to seamlessly get the resources for that pack instead of the file system. I know, nothing ground breaking or spectacular, but at least it is progress.




Some actual work done!

I spent my free time the last couple days working on a game editor for my Harvest Moon game. Naturally Java is making things very fast to develop, which is good because making editors is such a bore! Anyways, here is a little taste of what I have done. I think it is looking pretty good for only spending 2 days off and on it. Next on my plate is to allow for the saving and loading of maps. All of my maps will link to a single tileset, as Harvest moon doesn't have that diverse of graphics.




Introductions in order

Hello there,

After many years of lurking and leeching I decided it was about time I bit the bullet and chipped in my fair share, after all, I know I got much more than $40 worth of information, but I digress.

After messing around with small projects, I decided it is time for me to buckle down and write a complete game. You can't achieve indy stardom if you don't do anything indy now can you? My idea for first game is quite simple. I love the Harvest Moon series of games. I know they aren't for everyone, but I find them a fun diversion. My goal is to create a clone of Friends of Mineral Town, but to incorporate my own personal twists to it. First things first though, in order to make a good 2d tile based game, you need a good 2d tile based map editor. I've tried out tilestudio, mappy, and all the others out there, and while they are all nice, they just don't give me exactly what I want. So my first goal to complete this game is to create a working map editor. I've written some map editors in the past, but they were all just nothing more than select a tile, draw the tile. I hope to get a bit more elaborate with this one. My current plan is to use Java for all of the game tools, and C++/OpenGL for the actual game engine, figuring for me they are like a triforce of my abilities as a coder.

Hopefully here soon I can give what the masses really want, some slick looking screen shots. Well, here's to that!



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