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The programming adventures of CJW

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In at Number 3

Today I added the ability for the engine to run multiple windows. Yippy!

Tomorrow will be the day I will have to work on another project of mine, perhaps the day after I can add another feature.




Second Entry!

As expected the entry after the first is the indeed the second.

A little about my project:

From above(edit: below) you can see it is mentioned that I am creating an API independent engine. The idea of the engine is that a new API can be plugged in very simply through the adjustment of an XML file containing a list of all the available API's for each of the different interfaces; one for user input, one for the network adapter, another for graphics etc.

So far it is being created in the worst method possible, the evolutionary design. The reason for this is because I find this the best way I learn, unfortunately this way of learning is very inefficient and it would be much more practicle to learn from others mistakes first, then my own. However, I'm just not like that.

At the moment there is around 40 items on my not-so-neatly laid out todo list. For the time being I am focused on getting the engine to support multiple windows, and although it is a fairly easy concept there was some redesigning necessary because my original code did not support this idea.

Once I arrive at university after my preposterously long travel in and I will be greeted by my badly organised timetable where I have 5 hours spare between my first and second duties of the day. I will hopefuly have some time to work on the project then, and when I arrive home I will probably do some more work on it then.

You shall see tonight whether or not I accomplish any of these goals.




First Entry


Being the first entry into my journal I should explain what my project is about. At a very basic level it just an API independent Engine written in C++.

I will update the journal tomorrow with the events of tomorrow!



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