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About this blog

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

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So I got bored and made that card at the top of my journal...ill end up taking it down in a day or 2, can anyone tell me what that is in the image???

PS Ill be adding stuff about the language and WebOS soon!




Web OS

Besides my serious project (my game, code named Pandora's Gift) I have begun working on 2 other projects. A dynamic programming language that compiles to Python, with emphasis on Design by Contracts and "rules". More details on the language later.

I have also started working on a Web OS. It will be based off of how System 6 works and will use a XML-variant for the programs.

I should have pics of the Web OS tonight after I get off work.




Life Sucks

Well, I revised my game's story completely and it turned out good, tried out the engine...and my graphics card isnt good enough to run it at this point, not until he codes the shaders for older models.

In other news, I started working on a little pet programming language (if you dont know, thats really all I ever code lol).

atom foo : foo > 10, foo = 10; foo

Crazy syntax at this point, but that creates a variable that when goes over 10, remains at 10, when it goes below 0, it stays 0. Its wacky and probaly sucks but I just like to play around with stuff ;)





So the game is no longer based on the myth of Pandora's Box thanks to Raymond over at Ethereal Darkness Interactive. The plot has changed quite a bit but I hope its for the best. I'm going to start on the development of the game within the next few days probaly once I write up a basic outline of the story and get my hands on the engine!




Pandora's Gift

So ive been working on the story for my new project, code named Pandora's Gift. I dont want to release any details on it just yet but I'll let you in on a few secrets...

1) It could easily fit into the 4e5 contest if I wanted it to, though at this time thats not my goal.

2) Its based on the symbolism of the myth of Pandora's Box.

3) The story aspect is the most important part, it will be more like an interactive story than it will be a game.

4) A big goal of mine is to have the player get emotionally attached to the main character to atleast a small point.

5) It takes place in a realistic european, medieval-like village.

Hopefully, I will have the main script written up by the end of this week and can get a license to the engine I want to use. Once I do, I will immeditately start the development.

My next installment, I might share some concept art, music, or a basic story outlnine.

Till next time




Looking for project

I made a thread in the help wanted section saying im looking for a project to work on. If anyone needs a programmer, just message me!


Im looking for a small project like it says, too bad Sir Sapo doesnt need help :-p His project looks nifty.




Language of the Future

As you know, im quite interested in PL design. Apoch has been bringing up some good ideas and now others are even getting into it, so im hopeing everyone here thats interested can try to design a pure "real world language."

Ive been trying to write the "perfect language" for a long time but ive realized there is no perfect, just good, just better than whats out there. Ive also been looking in the wrong places, advanced OOP I dont think is the future, functional I dont think is the future, academic languages I dont think are the future. So what is the future? If I knew I wouldnt be writing this right now. But what I think the future is, is a language that gets things done in a very secure manner. Contracts and restrictions on existing variable types I think will be a very important feature in languages in the years to come. For example:
int[1..2*5] foo;
That guarentees the value of foo will remain between 1 and 10. What if it goes over? Im thinking an exception would be thrown or something, I havnt gotten that far.

Ive told Apoch to open a forum for the discussion of the language, heres the thread that he opened about it for anyone who is interested:





As you may or may not know, ive always been interested in languages/compilers/interprets so I did my weekly x hour codeathon (this weekend it was 2 hours)...and StackFck2d was born!

Its just like Brainfck but with 6 new commands...here is the complete listing of commands:

> moves the pointer east.
^ moves the pointer north.
v moves the pointer south.
+ increment (increase by one) the value(top of the stack) at the pointer.
- decrement (decrease by one) the value(top of the stack) at the pointer.
. output the value of the byte(top of the stack) at the pointer.
, accept one byte of input, storing its value in the top of the stack at the pointer.
[ jump forward to the command after the corresponding ] if the byte at the pointer is zero.
] jump back to the command after the corresponding [ if the byte at the pointer is nonzero.
@ pushes an empty cell onto the top of the location's stack
# pops the top most cell off of the location's stack
% copies the current location's value and places it into the global variable
& pastes the global variable's value into the current location's value

Now, let me explain the new aspects. Its not 1d like BF, this is 2d. You can move in 4 directions instead of 2. Also, each "cell" is now a stack. When you use + and -, you affect the top of the stack. There are also 2 commands for coping and pasting cells.

I did this in 2 hours so the code is ugly, crammed into 2 functions, and may not work 100%! The loops is the only aspect that may not work perfectly, but from my few tests, they worked. Here is the compiler with source:

I know its not much and doesnt add much greatness to BF, but I wanted a project to mess around with in a short amount of time and learn some things about the STL. Have fun






So I cant enter the Seeing Double contest because ive been so busy this week. Lots of homework and other things going on. I havnt even been able to work on my engine or start learning DX. I worked on the opengl engine a bit though.

Hopefully this week I can start learning DX and start messing around with some features I would want to implement in to the engine. Im also in the debate of singleton or no.

Ill hopefully post some pics this week of simple stuff and maybe some diagrams for the design of the engine.




Seeing Double

Well I didnt get any code done with the game for the contest. Dont know if I can finish it in less than 2 weeks! Bur ill try. Ill add more to this once I get home!

BTW: Did no one let my ray tracing idea (see the post below) because no one commented on it!




Seeing Double

So I saw the Seeing Double contest and im thinking about grabbing SDL and making a game for the contest. I have an OK idea, nothing great, but im gonna try it. Doubt it will win but it will give me the motivation to get something done. It might postpone me working on the engine a bit though

So I told you guys I would let my idea about my raytracing optimization out of the bag so here it is in all its glory...(quite simple):
This would work better if it was an API you could use with like C++ and had a scene graph. You passed it all the objects to be drawn and since it knows where everything is, it only traces rays to THOSE objects and NO where else. No rays going to oblivion and wasting time. Since it knows where the objects are, why not just send rays to them and only them? This may already be done, im not sure. Dont know how well this would work so comment on it please.

Ive got a lot of homework so I doubt I can work on the game much tonight, I might beable to get a little done. Ill probaly post again Friday, maybe tomorow if I get the game to the point where I want to take a pic of it. Within this month I would really like to get a demo of my engine out and start showing some stuff about my real game, so keep your eyes peeled.




Second Post!!!

So this is my second post! Since I probaly wont beable to post a pic of a demo of my engine till this weekend, or get started on rewriting it really, I guess I will post some stuff other than that until then.

Heres some info on a language I wrote a while ago, it takes a lot from C and uses Lisp's Lists. Heres a hello world and list example:

//Hello world:
main =
print ("Hello, World!")

// Example of a list:
exampleOfAList =
list1 = (5,3,'a',"hello")
list2 = (main@, list1, 5) //An example of everything is data..
} //see the main in list2? Thats a function we defined above but everything is data!

Everything is treated as data in this language. Variables, functions, code, are all the same. All functions take 1 parameter, a list. There are also no types and in the interpreter I wrote for this language, I also used a bignum datatype lib I wrote. (if you dont know, bignums are virtual variables that allow for virtually any size, limited by your memory not by the processor's built in sizes).

Let me know if you want to see more about this language or more about my other languages. Tomorow I will probaly post about my raytracing optimization idea that I had, though I havnt implemented it. Doubt I will, I dont know that much about ray tracers but I want to see what you guys think about it.




My first Entry

Hi! This is my first journal entry. Ive been dieing to get a journal for sooo long. Finally I got one! Ive been a member for a while but im sure hardly anyone knows me.

Im a sophomore in high school and have been programming for a few years now. I usually use C,C++, or C#. The two kind of projects I usually work on are either games or compilers/interpreters for my own programming languages. But latly ive started to get more and more into gamedev so I thought this journal might help keep me motivated. Ill post some things about my game/engine, which I have a working prototype for the engine, but im rewriting it and switching from OpenGL to DirectX. Lets see how it goes, Ill make sure to post again tomorow!

Later ;)



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