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I have stayed away from programming games because I've always felt that my math skills are underpar. Come to find out my knowledge of physics isn't so great either, but Necreia can himself. :)

Anyway, I've bought several hundred books on math. I've got math education through Algebra II but that was .. oh man, uh, fourteen years ago. *sigh*

Excuse me, I need to cry.

Okay, back. What? You don't cry? Everybody needs a good cry now and then, especially when they realize how far their life has gone with no notable deeds.

Anyway, long story short, I've been reading Trigonometry for Dummies. Good book. Combined with the workbook (real problems to try with solutions! I love college textbooks but getting solutions to the example problems is problematic. Pun intended. ;P) I was/am doing really well.

However, I came across Beginning Math and Physics for Game Programmers today and I have to say that it's really nice. It moves quickly but that's fine because it combines the math with examples as to when and where you'd use it in code. Knowledge is nothing if not used; worse is knowledge that could be used but remains unused because of ignorance.

I hope to make it through this book. It's incredibly hard to study and/or concentrate in my home because of my son, my daughter, my dog, my cat, and oh, the ever nagging wife. (Bleh, the lawn mocks me even now...) (Kidding honey, love you!)

I'll be making a cheat sheet of formulas. All you long time game programmers find this stuff easy. I have to sleep at night, and I prefer sleeping without clutching a notebook in my hand as I desperately try to memorize facts and formulaes.





Whoo. Took a few days for that eCheck to clear. *grumble* Oh well, at least I'm supporting GameDev. Although I may do nothing with my knowledge the very least I can do is support those who would do something with theirs.



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