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About this blog

A team of 4 university of utah students building a game on the XNA platform for the 2008 Imagine Cup

Entries in this blog


Zoom and Multiplayer

First, i worked on the ability to add and remove players from multiplayer really seamlessly. Right now it seems to work fine. I decided to go with a vertical bar (in 2 and 3 players), since most of the attacking is upwards.

You can see a 2 player mode here:

While trying to get the Viewports right i noticed i accidentally shrunk things. I thought this would be a really good idea, and spent some time adding a zoom in and zoom out feature. I like seeing pictures more than explanations, so i figure i'll shut up now and post the picture!




More Explosions

Well... in my quest to see what else i can do with explosions i thought i'd share my favorite one so far:

My next step is to add a few playable levels that showcase the homing missiles and explosions. I was thinking of creating a timed survival level that creates a guy in a so many seconds (or a bunch of guys every second.) And you have to survive until the end of the level.




Alien Xenocide II

Due to the success of my first game Alien Xenocide (or AX), i'm building an expansion. Right now there's not much to it but here is an example of the gameplay:

The idea is to use XNA to port the game to the 360. As of right now i've got it set up so that you can have 4 different players at a time. You can pick up a variety of weapons and fire. The one thing that really makes this different from my last game is that with this one you can spin your camera and go anywhere in space that you like.

I'm still learning XNA, but today i found out about additive blending (and subtractive blending.) _Thanks to an article on the XNA developers page_ Here are a few examples of my explosions:

And here is the work i've been doing with pixel shaders:




Alien Xenocide

Well, i just got done adding my first game "Alien Xenocide" to the site. After a few years of development it's finally out there for people to see!! It's kind of exciting to see how far along this little project has come. It's got plenty of bugs, and definitely needs to be rebuilt, but it's exciting none the less.

Now i'm just debating on what my next project will be... A friend of mine has been brainstorming with me, and we think we have a pretty fun idea...

Hopefully i'll have time to start soon, even with school and work.



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