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Wow, computers!

Well, I got the game job :). The interview went pretty smoothly (3 hour thingajib), and I just got an e-mail today asking me to come in tomorrow for a lunch with the other programmers and to sort out the contract ^_^.

I just realized I never said in my other post what company it is. It's MicroForte, which is cool as they're a pretty reputable company in the Australian industry :).


:) :) :)





Wow, computers!

Well, I got the game job :). The interview went pretty smoothly (3 hour thingajib), and I just got an e-mail today asking me to come in tomorrow for a lunch with the other programmers and to sort out the contract ^_^.

I just realized I never said in my other post what company it is. It's MicroForte, which is cool as they're a pretty reputable company in the Australian industry :).


:) :) :)





Happenings and Jobs

I just finished my last computer science assignment. Ever. :O Once the exams are over, I just have to finish some maths to complete my degree -_-.

In other news, I have got a gamedev job interview lined up for next Friday :D. I went in yesterday to do a pre-interview C++ test that went pretty smoothly (I had a couple of *doh* moments thinking about the test while sitting on the bus on the way back home :P). They also got me to do a small graphics theory test (e.g. "Wats a normal map~!?") since I expressed interest in graphics stuff. They seemed pleased that I knew D3D as well as OGL since he made the comment that "for some reason everyone who comes in only knows OpenGL" :P.

Anyway, the formal interview will be with a bunch of the guys from the team and I'll have to do "some logic problems" with them to see my thought process. I'm a little nervous with that one :P.

I have several exams this week as well. I'm gonna be busy -___-.




what you say?

This might be "welcome to X units of time ago" material, but I just discovered Paint.NET. :D This is a fantastic, very usable, free little paint program with heaps of features. It's great for tweaking and converting files for webdev and even gamdev with the help of this DDS plugin. Another indispensable plugin is this PSD reader.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have an MDI based interface, but thats on the roadmap for version 3.0 on track to be released next year -_^.

Oh yeah, my dad has been in PR mode all day doing interviews on climate change.....the momentum for policy change seems to be building, and scientists are less gagged than usual (by the government). He also did a panel discussion thing with Dr. Karl yesturday on climate change...fun stuff :P.





I rediscovered these recordings of myself I made a little while ago (ie. while procrastinating ^_^):

A Fig For a Kiss
The Hills of Lorne (a duet with myself)

It's on an Irish tin whistle type thingy, grabbing some music off this site.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be making a motion compensation video compressor for an assignment. :(




Doing stuff

I actually managed to get stuff done today! Yay for only semi-procrastinating!

i. I managed to bullshit my way through another abstract algebra assignment question (it's probably wrong, but hey at least I got something on paper). I think I'm going to be fucked in the exam :(.

ii. I put in the network code for replicating certain flagged console variables to clients in multiplayer, and

iii. I just finished playing around with Window Movie Maker (that program really sucks >_
I'm quite happy with the cvar replication system. All you have to do is register the var with VariableFlags::SyncToClients, and it will automagically get sync'ed to every client connected to the game when they first connect, and when it gets changed on the server during play. HORR!!


Anyway, bed time.




Wow computers

I got MGE onto the GameDev.net IOTD recently, which was fun. Being on the front page generated a LOT of hits (> 1000 according to statcounter.com), and I've noticed people from places like Midway and Ubisoft checking it out, so i think the site is fulfilling its purpose ^_^.

I even got an e-mail from a gamedev house in Mumbai inviting me to submit my resume (http://www.trine.co.in/). They apparently have a nice relocation package ("infact the best one out there!"), and a game based on the Mahabarata could be pretty damn cool. However, I think moving to India at this stage would probably be a bit too adventurous for me :P.

Anyhow, I played with Fraps and Windows Movie Maker last night to make this little clip of my engine (14mb): http://www.thomascowell.net/MGE1.wmv. Notice that I couldn't resist using those cheezy transition effects :D.

I want to make a full demo reel of all my stuff now. Watching a demo reel is so much nicer than reading a website ;). I just need to find a good music track to go with it...

Anyway, I need to stop procrastinating and do some maths homework. *sigh* I just don't click with abstract algebra >_


Tomothy - Sydney Airport, AUSTRALIA: Fair 35'C/95'F O_____________________________O | Humidity: 14%

:( I think I'm going to jump in the ocean this afternoon. This summer is going to be a stinker (it's not even summer yet)! >______________





Something useful

Here's a little program I made a few weeks ago to address the the fact that SOME GAMES DO NOT SUPPORT MULTIPLE MONITORS PROPERLLY >_

So, instead of giving up, or following the suggestions of "just turn off ur second monitorz whiel playng lol!", I have made a little app that will detect when the game window has focus and clip the cursor to its client area for you :). It works a treat, and you can easily add support for other games! Hooray!

Currently it supports Generals and Generals Zero Hour...and notepad (for testing). You can easily add support for new games by editting clipperdb.xml - you just need to know the game window's classname and title.

Download here!

See readme.txt for details.





Well, been a while since my last update :/. I've been overworked doing uni and a webdev job.

I hate webdev. I've been writing a CMS system, and had to integrate it into several website (some havn't gone live yet):

http://www.logicalit.com.au/ (this is currently being redesigned)
http://www.winetrustestates.com.au/ (I didn't do the presentation layer for this site, but it uses the CMS)

Some incomplete sites (they are all 'done' technically, just no real content yet):

http://www.squared.net.au/index.php (the 'company' that I'm working for, customers can login here to get to their control panel)
http://logicalit.squared.net.au/ (the replacement for the logicalit site linked above)

I also did some work on my brother's art website: http://www.artofsimoncowell.com/

(note: I don't do the designs, I'm just the code monkey ^_^).

With all this webdev I've done, you'd think I'd have gotten around to make my own website, but NOOoo I just havn't had time ;(. Its on the drawing board tho. With me on my last year at uni, I'm going to have to start pimping my l33t skillz for when I finish.

Anyway, you get the point. I've been a busy boy. Just not busy in a way that I prefer to be. Of course, I did get paid for this work :) - see below.

So, with my semester over (yay no more exams), I'm going to quit webdev and get back into gamdev stuff again! Yay! I don't think I'll enter 4e5 this year, however, I probably won't have the time. Anyway, the elements this year don't interest me that much >_>.

In other news, I decided to splurge a bit with the money I earned from webdev and got myself a brand spanking new GeForce 7900 GTX (512mb vram baby!), and a third LCD monitor ^__^ (they're so bloody cheap now). I'm all setup for gamedev now!

I managed to find a geforce 2 MX PCI card, to run the third screen. This is after I got a TNT2 just to find I can't run a TNT2 and the 7900 on the same version of the NVidia unified driver system. What a waste of moneys :(. Next time I'll do my research properlly first -_-.


Excessive? I dunno yet, I've still have to work out what to do with all this extra screen space ^____^.

With that, I'm going to go do the washing up.




Art Of Simon Cowell

I thought I'd mention that my brother just posted a new painting of his on Deviant Art here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/32299629/. It got featured on the daily deviation.

I like it and decided to show off the artistic skillz that I have access to for my own apps ^_____^ (he's also pretty handy with 3D modelling - as you can see from the screenshots in my earlier entry).

Other (abstract) stuff of his is here: http://www.artofsimoncowell.com/




Introducing the WhiteBoardDesk(tm)

Well, the Easter weekend is finished, all the relatives have gone home and life has somewhat returned to normal (as in, back into the grind of work).

Anyway, I've had a whiteboard for a while now, and I've found it indispensible for working out programming problems, scribbling diagrams, reminders, and of course maths. However, I still had it where I'd be scribbling bits down on scrap pieces of paper while sitting at my desk which would accumulate, making a big mess.

So this afternoon I bought a cheap whiteboard from the $2 shop (for $11), knocked off the frame and blu-tacked it to my desk...giving me the WhiteBoardDesk(tm)!

Here it is in in all its magnificant glory of awesome:

It actually works quite well, besides the left side trying to peel itself off the desk periodically (I'll put some heavy books on it when I go to bed to try and fix that).

I think the only better thing would be to have the whiteboard sufrace as an integral part of the desktop, or better yet get one of those awesome desks as featured in The Island ^__^.

Summing up: everone who makes a WhiteBoardDesk(tm) needs to pay me teh royalties, thx.




Sacked from the coolness

Well, I was just poking around on the unit website for the maths subject I am doing this semester (AMTH247 - Scientific Computing), because I was wondering why we still havn't got even the first assignment marks back.

I went into the forum and found a nice pleasant message:

Uh, okay! That left me scratching my head. And this is after I just spent two days trying to get the latest assignment done >_
So I read a bit further down and there's a message from the lecturer:

This is rather sad :(. I liked this lecturer, and he just managed to pull the short straw or something when the maths department got their fundings cut :/.

Oh well, at least they're not pulling it out mid semester :P.




Journals et. al.

Hello to journal land!

I really havn't got a clue what I should put here as my first post. However, ravuya has instructed me to list some projects with thumbnails. Thor told me to put in a bunch of animated gifs.

So here goes.

My Big Project(tm) at the moment is Mango Game Engine (MGE). I feel I need to point out that I've been using the name Mango since early 2003 now, and it is infact nVidia who are stealing my name :(.

[edit]Programmer One just reminded me it was him who came up with the name, and I bought it off him for an exorbitant fee of several TA dollars.[/edit]

MGE isn't my first engine attempt, but it is the first where I'm trying to get it finished :). I plan to use this as my major portfolio piece for when I finish uni next year. I started this around March last year , but I havn't worked on it much since I finished my 4e4 entry.

So without further ado, lets post some pretty images (apologies for the Fake Thumbnails -_-):

Okay, that should be enough. These screenies arn't exactly new. They're from about September last year IIRC, but I havn't done any visual improvements since then.

Since then I've been doing alot of work under the hood, with one biggie being network support (trying to emulate Unreal style replication in C++ :D).

Unfortunately, MGE isn't my top priority project at the moment. I have uni, work, and some other game projects that are taking precedence right now :(. I hope to change this fairly soon (ie. getting the other stuff done!).

Anyway, I should go now.



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