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Ok, i signed up as a member. I felt it was a good thing to do, as I like game development a lot, as well as this board. Games sublimate art, creativity, and logic in a great way.

Some information about myself now. I have a musical background, I studied Composition/Electronic Music. I created a lot of music, most was never performed. I do not feel the need to push all my work to the public, I'm fine when I think my work is fine.. so I'm kind of laidback. A had an MSX system when I was young, i was hooked to it. Discovered programming.

I live in a rural area in the Netherlands, in the middle of an ancient forest :D. Most of the material of the soil was put here at the last Ice Age. I like it here, it gives me an inspiration to compose, work, and develop.

I will put some of my games here, when they are finished. (how many times have you read that, haha..!).




Polygon Intersection test

I'm always fooling around with new game idea's ; i made some 'sketches' as I call them.. (unfinished) games which did not pass my 'Is that really, really fun to play? ' test..

So I played with new art work for a 2D game, but one thing annoyed me that I disliked the 'grid 'tile maps that usually come with your 2d game. So I spent a few cold spring days designing a very flexible tile engine, not limited to a grid and very smooth indeed.

But, how to unleash collision detection on a complex tile engine that is not limited to a basic quad-like structure? I figured, bitmasking is old fashioned and doesn't fit my needs. So I looked into Polygon intersection tests. They might come in handy, because they serve very small sprites , as well as huge scenery elements. (remember in a good shooter the enemies must be able to 'slide' along the scenery as well.

Well -- i might post some Art Work here, of sprites and enemies. I think they look interesting.






A year ago I made a vst synthesizer which I used for creating weird, and not so weird sounds. It's got a full manual, and it's a bit heavy on the cpu. However, the Signal Flow goes deep and, although the sound is not conventional, some real cool sounds can be extracted, but with a lot of patience.

I want to share this with you, now.

The dll file can be used in a vst host, the exe file can be used on the spot. Using this instrument is free. If you happen to own a MIDI keyboard and/or Controller-- it's more fun, hook it up and go.






Bird against a window

A bird flew against my window.

I rushed 0utside; I saw the bird. I picked it up; the bird was very warm.
On my desk, I could study the bird, it was in a shock. Fast breathing, out of consciousness -- I realized: we humans are not so different, as we also can be in shock.

I caressed it; (I even kissed the bird)
and after a while the bird regained consciousness: it's eyes were very bright; and smart! I could see this bird was smart in how to live a life. It reacted on most of my movements, and after some minutes it wanted to fly again.

I released it. I hope it goes all well




'White dwarf' dream

A few nights ago I had a very lucid dream.

The cool thing of this dream it was very real. I estimate it has 0.75 of a scale of 1.00 = common day reality, and .25 = a common dream.

I was located in deep space. I can't remember I was in a space ship, or any other space vehicle. Maybe I was just floating as a spiritual being.. Then, I encountered a light source. This light source was very, very bright. The color of the light source was a pale white, with a trace of blue.

I was drawn to the light source, which I concluded must be a star. I could see the curvature. The feeling of reality, actually being in close contact with a real star, frightened me-- mainly because the star was extremely bright, a white bright light. I was afraid being evaporated by the power.

Then, I saw a kind of space docking station.. And an awesome space ship!

The space ship was very dark, it was Huge (estimate some kilometers of length), and it seemed very thick (like thick, dark metal of sub marines). It had yellow windows, numerous windows.

I did not observe any aliens, however.

My main fright, actually, was that I was very near to the star. The light was too shiny to look at. So I floated away from it.

- I did some research. The star could have been a White Dwarf. White Dwarfs are very hot and extremely bright. However, they are not bigger than the Earth. So, they radiate a lot of light and other (harmful I guess) radiation.

I still have the feeling it actually happened to me! Strange. Well.





'Rab Juce' (alpha 4)

In spare time I'm working on a very simple game, but (hopefully) entertaining game. 'Rab Juce'. The idea will be like the old handheld game 'Mario's cement factory', but artwork and game play will be different. I enjoyed this game alot, while driving to Italy with my parents, when I was young.

The game will not need DirectX or OpenGl, and will be ported to Windows(tm) and Linux.

I think i'll make the game freeware, but a registered copy will cost only $5. (This will give some extra features).

A (alpha) PDF manual can be d-loaded here:

PDF manual (alpha)




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