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About this blog

Read about the progress of my game design company

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Site Down

Just a quick note that my website will be down until further notice well I am switching over to mambo and redesigning the whole site! I hope to have it online again soon though! Thank you to every one who gave me advice on it!




Company Website

After working most all day on the website for Empire Productions I finally got it online! You can find it at! Please let me know what you think of it and give me advice on ways to improve it! Thanks!




How I develop an Idea for a game.

This blog entry will be to share with all of you how I come up and develop an idea for a game!

When I first sit down at my PC to start working on a game I pick something already popular to base my game on. For example I got the idea for my latest game design document from Harry Potter. After I have an idea on what type of game I want to make I then do as much research as possible. The research can range from some what Boring such as internet research to something fun like watching movies or shows about the same subject. For the research for my game I am working on now I am watching all 4 movies that have been released to date! Once the research is complete I will sit back down at my PC and make a outline of key events, places, creatures and so on from the research that I can base events from my game on. Once I have the outline I will then start crafting my game world and story based on the research and my own ideas. What I end up with is a world/story all its own.

Outline of steps:

-outline Research
-Develop the world and story

Alot of times during the develop step I spend time trying things out in the game engine that will be used and seeing how things would look before putting it on paper. That way when the design doc. is finished you will have some idea that you will be able to do what you want! Also alot of times the research doesn't end when that step has been completed! There maybe times when you will need to go back well developing the game world and story and do some more research.

Well I hope you all enjoy reading this and it helps you with your next game! Any questions, comments, or ideas feel free to leave them!





This is my first blog entry and so I just wanted to introduce my self! My Name is James Proctor. I am the owner of Empire Productions a game design company just getting started! This blog will be for me to write about my experience of trying to start a Game development company. Well thats all for this entry! Please check back often for updates!



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