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This journal contains pictures!! Let's party!

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Girlfriend wrecked DS Lite

My girlfriend just wrecked my DS Lite. In my last post I said I left it somewhere, well it was -with her-. Just now she threw it out of the window. Great. And I just flashed my DS two fucking days. I just can't believe it. Luckily I still have my homebrew tools (she had only my DSL and Mario Kart DS). Ugh.. Women.

edit after expiration - I started a weblog at WordPress.com. Visit it! (Click)

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Last Entry

So okay, tomorrow is the last day of my given subscription (yes I repeat that often don't I?), thus, this will be my last entry in a long time.

I have managed to get homebrew running on my Nintendo Dual Screen Lite. It's freaking amazing! I can now use it as an MP3 player, run Linux on it (and throw it away the next second because I hate text-based OSes), play homebrew games (DSChess) and even run MSN (beup v0.02)! It really is amazing what touch screen, dual screen and WiFi can do together. I will definitely be programming for this platform. At least 1 piece of software and perhaps 1 little game.

The thing is, I'm now home and I find myself without the handheld. What happened? I got into such a big mess that I just left -somewhere- and went home. Forgot my DSL (DS Lite) there. But I'll get it back very soon. Or else I just have to buy a new one. Doh! X(

A sidenote: I failed this year, have to do it again next year. The problem is, at school, I don't show any motivation AT ALL. Can't blame them, nor me, it's just that my life has become so big that one year time couldn't fit all that stuff in. Guess I didn't fit my school in it enough to pass. But it's a good thing though. At least I'm sure that I won't fail again next year (or i'll kill myself) and it really woke me up and removed the idea of always being on top. I never failed a year at school and was always doing the highest class possible (Gymnasium in my case). But now I see that I don't HAVE to be perfect simply because I -CAN'T-.
Boy, what a relieve.

I hope this summer brings more hope to me. Wait, replace "summer" with "DS Lite".


Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown



I will not leave GDNet+ Subscribers-land [to be exact: 5 days] without shameless advertising! (Not really shameless.. but advertising? Yes.)

BooGame is a 2D graphics engine (uses OpenGL for rendering) for C#. The engine supports scripting using the Python-like .NET language Boo, in which you can even script a whole game (if you want to). It's heavily under development, but that does not even a little bit mean it's not useful right now. Being under development is actually a good thing, since an OpenSource project would definitely improve from user feedback. So download the package, test the Examples and see for yourself.. Don't forget to sign up at the forum to give feedback to Rob Loach! [wink]

O and by the way, there will be a new release soon, that includes:
_ A GUI system.
_ Improved Font drawing. (No need for generated font-bitmaps anymore!)
_ More documentation.
_ More more mooooooooooooore!!

Spread the Source.

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Do you remember NeXe?

Web.Archive of the old NeXe.

Ahh, does that bring warm feelings to you as it does to me? That was the first 3D graphics programming website I visited. I decided to learn Direct3D (and not OpenGL) first, just because of the honest answer to the very question.

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


The Netherlands out of World Cup 2006 race

FUCK the crazy assfucked referee. FUCK Portugal.

edit - I might seem like a lunatic, but you should've seen the match. It was chaos. Of the 90 minutes they played the referee wasted like 30 minutes on giving out cards. Blame Portugal playing like lamers.

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Vision on visuals..

[Current Launchbar]
[Current Launchbar]

I thought it was time to update the ugly blown up 32x32 icons in my launchbar with higher res ones. I found a nice green earth Firefox and a bigger Thunderbird icon, and the Windows Live Messenger was a bit hard to find, but it looks awesome. Much better than the old MSN icon. Additionally found a Winamp and made a uTorrent (recreated from another small design) icon. Here are two fresh icons I made:

The print sucks. I know.
I like this one better, but the matte look of the previous is cool too.
Mmmh.. I think this one is too orange. Can't figure how to add some white to it..

Note that I didn't follow the glass/plastic/shiny look (I wanted too at first) the largest fruit company made so puppylar. I like those. I just don't want to make any.
Has anyone seen the Vista look? I think it's good they finally used a dark classy color and not that old dull grey or the eye-burning blue themes, but I'm not into the idea of reflective shines becoming the next gradient.

By the way, my GDNet+ subscription is slowly dying away. I have just about 2 weeks left before they push me off this thrown. Hell, they're pushing me out of HEAVEN! [lol] Perhaps anyone generous enough to keep me in?
Myeah, actually, we humans should not ask for more and be happy with what we're given. I enjoyed my journal, my avatar and tag for as long as I had it. I'll be.. happy. I'll be fine. Perhaps I'll even be.. back.


Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Sweet Taro Soup

View Recipe
View Image

If you never drank this. You suck.

Okay, I admit, it doesn't look as good as it tastes.

edit - hotlinking apparently not allowed! worked in my lovable firefox though..

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Looking for: Evolution vs Religion-rants

Next week I have to deliver a A2 poster containing images and texts on Evolution vs Religion. My part of this assignment is to collect information to prove evolution incorrect and to defend creation (This aspect, creation, is what I'll be focussing on and not the other sides of religion).

Today, as I browsed for Rob Loach's profile, I was actually looking for a link to his journal, I found a recent reply of his at this topic. I was instantly amazed, because the last thing -I- would be looking for here at GameDev.net is a discussion on the origin of humans and the world today. Quite amazed. (Thank You God!)

Anyway, thanks to the external links provided in that thread I have plenty information to read. I will post here the links that I found that are relative to my part of the assignment, as I don't want to wade through the millions of pages wasting time on a never solvable mystery.

And if you're interested in what I think.. I believe God and creation makes sense to me. You believe science that works through millions of years and so you cannot witness yourself. I think we both believe, but you are not aware.

A big thankyou goes out to Assemblor for linking these articles:
Superbugs not super after all ~ Carl Wieland Tip!
Feedback: Is antibiotic resistance really due to increase in information? ~ by Jonathan Sarfati
Has evolution really been observed? (Summary article) ~ ???

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Whew! I'm a designer!

I recently bought a Computer Arts magazine, called "Computer Arts". I suddenly felt the urge to get profitized from my designs. So I opened a shop on CafePress.

Hehe. [grin]

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Busy weekend

Hey everyone, long time no post. You must have been wondering why I was absent the past few days. Well, I've been very busy with church since my pastor was celebrating his birthday on friday. I went to the shoppingstreet of Amsterdam walking back and forth receiving orders to buy a birthdaycake and a tie [that he wore on sunday, hehe]. It was worth it because we had a small [about 12 people] but very cozy meeting. And he shared his experiences of this year.

People who don't live near my country, I think they don't know but you may have heard somewhere, that saturday was the Dutch Queensday. On this traditional event everyone parties in the main cities (like Amsterdam, where I live) and people can sell their old stuff all over the city. So in the citycenter there were no trams and cars, just people with beer, beer and some more beer. I myself did not even sip one drop of it though, I was selling some old stuff to raise fund for the new church building. We currently rent space from a local dancing school on sunday mornings, and we plan not to stay there for a long time. On top of that, we have to leave the building after 2006 because it's being demolished. At that time, we'll have to either rent a new space or have enough money to lend even more money to buy our own building. Currently, we're forced to do the first.

Yesterday was just another fun sunday. Spent a lot of quality time with my girlfriend, which was nice. And now I'm going to my first job interview ever. I'm not really stressed out, but I don't have any idea what I should talk about. Hopefully they will understand [and give me the job!!], but I will see this as an experience more than a real opportunity.

Pray for me, GDNet.

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Windows XP tips

Handy XP shortcuts. (I put some of them on RK launcher (see last post).

"rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation" - Switch user
"shutdown -l -t 00" - Log off
"shutdown -r -t 00" - Restart
"shutdown -s -t 00" - Shutdown
"shutdown -a" - Abort restart/shutdown

From http://www.onecomputerguy.com/windowsxp_tips.htm:
appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs
desk.cpl Display Properties
firewall.cpl Firewall Settings
inetcpl.cpl Internet Options
mmsys.cpl Sound and Audio
ncpa.cpl Network Connections
nusrmgr.cpl User Accounts
powercfg.cpl Power Options
sysdm.cpl System Properties
wscui.cpl Security Center
wuaucpl.cpl Automatic Updates Configuration

SHRPUBW.EXE Share multiple directories on your network

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


I like software

Today I installed (hmm.. unzipped would be more appropiate as it doesn't come with an installer) RK Launcher. Aside from the cheap name it goes by, the application itself is really nice. I can finally get rid of that quicklaunch toolbar in the taskbar and have more space for opened windows.



Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Pythagoras Suuichi

Pythagoras Switch (torrenthosted and translated by the friendly people at Dattebayo who also translate and torrenthost Naruto)

Get it while it's hot! Haha.. You'll learn a lot! Or just watch the amazing (although short) 'rolling ball circuits', y'know those never ending, self-triggering courses.

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Jesus Lives!

I had a pretty full action packed Easter weekend. I'm so tired now, don't think I'll be able to go to school tomorrow. [lol]

But I have to..

edit - by the way, why doesn't underline work? That just doesn't make sense. I, like many, see bold, italics and underlines as basic formatting options. I think GDNet should really 'support' those undies!!

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown



I was working on a C# comic viewer for like 5 hours straight. That's GUI designing, coding, debugging.. Then I closed a hanging Visual Studio and what do I get?


Everything's gone. I never saved the project and now I'm sitting here with nothing. You can call me stupid, cause I am, but where is the option that projects don't build unless they're saved? Because obviously it's not on by default.

NOT SO HAPPY AT ALL. [bawling]

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


First real journal entry, or look! I posted pictur

Haha.. So now that I've started a journal, I'm supposed to post regular updates on what I've been doing, show an image of what I've been doing and so on.. Well, then I shouldn't be wasting any time! Here's my first real journal entry, and it comes with a picture!! WoW!! [lol]

I've been busy with this:
Haha. [lol]
No I'm just clowning, here's the real update:

I've been webdeveloping for a restaurant: click here

I'm done programming the near-useless admin control panel and will do the shoppingcart code. Nothing hard, it's just going to take some time. But I'm wondering though, do I have to deal with security and stuff?
Here are the icons:

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown


Hmmm.. Hi all!

Hello world! I have a journal!!

Today, like every other day, I signed in at GDNet. Today, like none of the days before, I had access to GDNet+ services. Oh, there must be something wrong.. I'm posting a new topic in the GDC&SF.. There must be someting wrong.. Really.. - Oh wait! -THAT-'s the thing Pan Narrans PMed me about! Because he was asking if I noticed anything different, and I thought he was talking about his website layout! [lol] Stupid me. So I found out about his give-away and I still can't believe that this has happened. My whole life, I haven't won anything I didn't work for, and now, it's like a dream come true, it's like having trip to the moon and stars, it's like eating unlimited spareribs EVERYNIGHT, it's like getting married with my girlfriend, it's like.. ..

No, I don't play that game but just for comparing. ;D

notice the icon, hehe.. I love you pan!

Pipo DeClown

Pipo DeClown

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