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About this blog

I guess I should type something in once in a while...

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Has it almost been a year?

Has it really been this long since I posted my first and only journal entry? A lot has happened since then. I'll have to post a "little" more often now!

Finally finished my 2D RPG. It's complete, polished and ready to show as a portfolio demo. It's finally time to move away from 2D once and for all.

Almost done with my seventh class at DePaul. Six to go! Woo hoo! Attendence policy still the only mark against my GPA.

Finishing up teaching a game development class at a community college. Game Maker is really a great tool for quick idea prototyping! You guys can pooh-pooh it all you want, but it really is a good learning tool.

Just got my internship rejection email from Midway. Mixed feelings. I've applied for exactly one job in the past four years and got an interview. Really, how bad could that be? You better bet your ass I'll be much better prepared this time next year! I just hope all the flubbing I did won't ruin my chances in the future.

Currently working on figuring out how XNA calculates its camera matrices and projection matrices. Figured out Matrix.CreateLookAt(...) but having trouble with Matrix.CreatePerspectiveFieldOfView(...). The formulas I've found for it are close but not exact. Probably caused by the colum vs row order being different. I just can't get the results to match for element (3,3). (near + far) / (near - far) is not it.

Anyway, now with the taste of blood, I want into the industry more than ever. Now I know exactly what I need to master. And I'll have the summer to get up to that point.




First post! Otherwise known as: One down, twelve to go!

Might as well start this journal off with some "good" news:

My final is over! One class down, twelve to go! Who would have thought that a graduate level class would have participation / attendance as a portion of the overall grade? Since I had to work during class about half of the time, I really wonder how my grade will turn out. HW=99%... Final=~90%... Class graded on a curve... I guess I deserve a... B? WTF! We'll see soon I guess.

The COD Game Development Club is starting to come together. First meeting in a day or so. Hopefully we can put together a 4E entry this year. It would be fun.

I like listening to the Big Sonic Chill (FM 94.9, San Diego) from midnight to 4am when I'm up. I found it when I worked third shift. Midori plays "ethereal dream pop bliss," some of which at its core can be called... new age. NEW AGE! I almost made myself sick coming to this realization. You like what you like I guess.

God am I boring! Or am I just tired? Nope... boring.



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