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Sorry for anyone who came to this hoping to find some nice insight to... me.
But really this post is just a link dump since I dont have anyway to translate links from work to home and don't want to find this junk again.

So Research for Endless Teraind Demo:

Box Filtering Height Maps for Smooth Rolling Hills
Concatenating Triangle Strips
Fast Computation of Terrain Shadow Maps
Real-Time Heightmap Self-Shadowing Using the Strider Technique
Simple Clouds Part 1
How to Render Landscapes
Normal Computations for Heightfield Lighting
Super Frustums




New Beginning

Well it's a start. It's been a while since I programmed a game, my final project at Full Sail went so bad in my mind that it just left me with a little less desire. But a few months ago I started programming again. I'm going back to small projects for now and just writing my big ideas up as design docs (not really worried about starting anything big right now). I'm going to put my progress up here for two reasons:

a) I find it easier to get motivated when I want to write something impressive on my blog.

and b) becuase I get euphoric every once in a while (earlier today a saw a big brown Dell box and remembered lugging one of those bastards two miles from the Full Sail bookstore all the way home, I remember that first time I installed my compiler and making a quick program from the book: "Hello World"... damn that's a long aside) and will probably want to look back eventually.

My first project I think will be asteroids, I made my last version in about 20 hours at FS, and will probably take two weeks this time to make it polished. Since I committed a long time ago to never start a project without a plan Ill post the design doc soon.



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