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Mainly OpenGL related :)

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NeHe, MD2 Modelling, A phone...

Wow, stumbling across that NeHe site is one of the most useful things I ever found. So much useful stuff on there!

Just found that polycount site that people have been talking about in the Visual Arts Forum. And it's editing it's site :( Just gonna wait a few days, then hopefully I can finally get going on this whole modelling front.

Looking for a phone that I can program on. This doesn't mean with a compiler, all I want it to do is edit some sort of text message and then I can just paste the code across to the compiler by conecting it to the PC. Hope I find something.

Dammit, have work to do. I'll have a look at the forums first [smile]




Finished HW Project :), OpenGL

Well finally finished the Heriot-Watt Programming Challenge 2006. Ended up doing it in VB 6.0, and used NSIS to code the installation. Good challenge, looking out for next year's one, if I can get find time around other challenges. If you were in the Heriot-Watt Programming Challenge 2006, e-mail me at jpirie@hotmail.com.

Well having forgotton a chunk of the OpenGL I learn I just decided to start again. It's coming back pretty quick though, so I don't need to spend much time on each lesson. Using this site to learn:


by going through the OpenGL tutrorials listed on the left hand side of the page. This site is amazing. Also found another site great for OpenGL, namely:


This is amazing, really informative. My find of the week.

Well I've been working today, so am shattered, please excuse any crap spelling [smile], could still print off a couple more of those pages on that second page though...




H-W Programming Challenge

Hey all. Still going with the Herriot-Watt Programming Challenge, it's really getting there. All I need to do now is program the AI and everything should be OK- it's not going to be that difficult. Going to end up with about three forms I think: one form that shows the position of the randomly generated people for the input file, one form that shos the situation from the POV of the robots, and a form with a clock on it that counts the time. Most of the code is in functions now and it's all commented, so it's maintainable is something goes wrong. The program has to be able to work in two stages- a continuous mode and a step mode. The step mode with be exactly the same as the other type, just that the code will be in a command button as opposed to a timer. Ahh an easier project, this OpenGL stuff can be quite tricky, some of it very mathimatical.

As for the e-mailing through HTML, I found another site which can do it so I will just paste the source code from there by going into the 'view source' option. Will copy that and fingers crossed that should work!

Better get on... have to go home from work now (I know I know, shouldn't be on this site when working ;), then will do some work on the Herriot-Watt Project! See you all in the forums... [smile]





C++ Prj. 1, H-W Pgrming. Advnced OpenGL

Well that's me just about finished the C++ Project 1. Was atually pretty good and the project was good for my C++. Didn't really have too many problems with it, and use of breakpoints solved any that I did have. The purchase equipment was the longest function to code, just because of the number of items etc. Good project though- looking forward to project 2.

Well guys, have started this Heriot-Watt Programming Challenge. This shouldn't prove too difficult I think. The challenge was set by the Heriot-Watt University, and the aim is to guide robots to save people trapped in buildings. This isn't as complex as it sounds. The project has to be done by the 4th of December so have got plenty of time. I will use Visual Basic for this project, and NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) to code the installation. Now the challenge is to split the form into a grid.....

Still havn't got around to buying that Advanced OpenGL book yet. Must do that. Have got another 3 programming projects to complete first though...

Things are insane here. The level of work I have to get through each night is becoming quite a challenge. I've only been on GameDev once this week so far! Still, long weekend coming up this weekend. Finally- can get on with the programming now! [smile] See you in the forums!





C++ Project, ow, OpenGL, Quake, OpenGL

Havn't done really all that much coding. Am working on the C++ Project 1 set up in the forums but am not really having much difficulty so far. Must do some today though...

Well I mannaged to smack my foot off a slab or concrete, while attempting to play football landing me with a visit to A&E. What a stupid thing to do.

Am thinking of getting another OpenGL book, probably the Advanced OpenGL book. It looks pretty good and has had positive ratings so I think I might get that book and just plough my way through it.

Arn't the old games always the best? I bought Quake IV not that long ago, but my poor little nVidea GForce 4 just can't keep up. It came with two expansion packs for Quake II though so am playing those. Excellent game that one...

Still struggling with importing models into OpenGL. I might get a book on that as well I suppose, that might be an idea. I know that books can't give you everything, but it's my best chance of learning at the moment.

Ah well off to look through the forums to see if I can help anyone or learn anything. This site really is great, lots of tallanted guys in here... [smile]




C++ Workshop- Project 1

Have just started C++ Workshop- Project 1 which started from a thread here https://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=409907. Has not been too difficult so far. I wasn't sure how to clear the screen at first but I included StdLib.h ('#include ') and then used the line 'system("cls");' to clear the screen. Seems to be working fine so far, but I have the feeling that it's going to get a lot more complicated later on.

Have got to go back to school tomorrow, which is a pain :(. Never mind though, I'll struggle through :-}. Ah well, I suppose I'll go and do some more of that workshop project then [smile]. Now how to colour the output text...

PS MSDN is now free! Woo! [smile]




Programming websites, notes module, modelling

Ever tried programming a website? I thought "ok, it's going to have about 3 .htm pages". Now I'm thinking "ok, it's going to have about 6 .htm pages". I get the feeling that this number will keep growing on me until I have all these .htm pages, and get all muddled up.

So I thought it wise to probably make up a plan of each web page, detailing what each .htm page is going to be about. I did this in the form of a module called "notes" which is a module just full of comments, and just included that in the project file. This should help me to get a clear idea of what I still need to do and what I have already done.

I have a problem in OpenGL with modelling. I can create a .md2 file easily enough (I can see comments billowing down the page saying "MD2? what the f**k are you using MD fu**ing 2 for?") but I have difficutly with these. My problem with the .md2 files is importing them into a program. I have imported one with an example of how to do it, but when I replaced the example model with my own (still using the example code), the model does not load. I do have the means to import and export MD5 mesh but I have no idea how I would texture or code these. Would I still use the .pcx format to texture .md5 models?

I think I'll finish coding the first half of this website tonight, at least to a rough standard and I'll touch it later. Ah well, off to look at the topics in the forums :)...




Intro, VB problem, OpenGL problem

I can program, or at least attempt to program, in two languages- Visual Basic and OpenGL. My first programming language was Visual Basic, which I studied for a few years before moving on to OpenGL- which I just started about 4 months previously.

My current problem is in Visual Basic. I need to find a way to send e-mails without using Outlook Express nor an ActiveX control. I have just asked on the forum and I'll soon see if they have any suggestions. I need the solution to this so that I can add an e-mailing function to my web site, which I am currently in the middle of programming in Visual Basic (a DHTML project, eventually to be compiled into a .htm page file). These files don't seem to take up as much room as I'd thought. The reason I don't want to use ActiveX control is in the case that the user of the web site won't have the .ocx file and therefor will not be able to send the e-mail. Or will they? I've just asked on the forum. Soon find out...

My other problem is with OpenGL. I've just finished the book I was learning from and it gave me lots of source code examples of individual things you can do with the language (a chapter on sound, a chapter on quadratics etc.) and therefor when I came to the last example in the book, everything was all rolled into one project and all the code was split into separate .cpp and .h files and so I am now lost. I know how to implement sound, and I know how to implement quadratic shapes but I don't know how do it all in the same project file with the code split up. I'll just keep looking for examples of code in OpenGL that's split and hopefully I'll get the hang of it. I think I'll just carry on with my Visual Basic web page for now...



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