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FireLight and other projects.

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With more time now that school is over, I'll be continuing work on FireLight. The storyline is coming along, and I've got one of my friends making sprites for it. The programming part is still in it's infancy, but I plan to have that fixed in a few weeks or so.

I've also acquired the domain names abortsoft.com and abortbuttonsoftware.com for use of my company, whose staff is made up of me. I've got a temporary website up, and you can see it at www.abortsoft.com (abortbuttonsoftware.com just redirects you to abortsoft.com). Hopefully I'll be able to do some work on the website soon as well.

FireLight Begins

Instead of going the RPG Maker route, I've teamed up with fellow gamedev member XG08Zero to make FireLight. Me and him will be programming the RPG, and we've forced into indentured service (I mean, creatively gotten unpaid employees) to help with the art and music. We've just started, so we'll see how it goes from here. More details to follow, so tune in next time. That's all, folks.
I've decided that, instead of learning how to program an incredibly complex RPG, I'd like to try my hand at designing one first without having to worry about coding as well. I figured that if I can't design a game without having to code, I sure won't be able to design one if I do have to code. So I'm using RPG Maker (either 2003 or XP) to make a medium-length RPG first. Now all I need is a storyline.
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