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About this blog

A quest to fulfil the desire of becoming a game developer, or something like that.

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The curse of a wannabe game programmer

Its been a long time from I've written any journal entry. In fact its been a long time from I've done any coding outside of my job as an embedded software engineer. The main reason for this is that ever since I started down the path of game programming, or trying to get started into unreal script to be more precise, me and my family have suffered continuous illness. This of course has set me back months, as its only now that everyone is getting back to some sort of normality with regards to health.

I know its just a coincidence, but its amazing just how much time can be taken up doing other necessary things, leaving absolutely no time at all for the those things that I love. So what you cry, we don't care, but I'm just ranting, part of my therapy I guess ;)

Anyway, I've let down a few people, as I've not been on the net for quite a while, Brandon Kidd, the guys at Bohica who are still awaiting a reply (or maybe not now), I apologize to them as family matters really have taken my attention away from pursuing or continuing projects. Now that things are starting to get back to normal I'm sure I will be able to find some time to communicate with you and put some effort into the projects.

Anyway, just a word of warning if you're going to start into game programming, of any sort, just don't say it too loud in case the curse of the anti-games-programming gods fall upon ye!

Well that's all I had to say, nothing new, nothing interesting, just self self self. Its nice to have some time back though.




A nice surprise!

I got a nice suprise yesterday. I had told my mother that I was starting into games programming, mainly for 3D, I remember mentioning something about game engines to ease the pain of programming somewhat, but thought nothing more of it. On her own she did some research and bought me the C4 engine as a present, which I thought was nice, and surprising of her.

Anyway I had never heard of the C4 engine, but I've read an awful lot about it the last 24hrs, it looks good, but am at a bit of a loss as to how to use it effectively, or how it could help me move forward in development of a game. Not being from a game programming background, I'm still learning concepts and terminology, etc.

At work we are starting into a new project in designing solar thermal and refrigeration controllers, being the only software engineer in the place, I'm to design and implment all embedded and windows application software. This means that I may not get as much time as I thought I would for games programming, so I thought I might try and use OpenGL in the windows app for graphical analysisi of the data captured, etc. spice it up with some 3d views. At least I'll get back to assembly my first language for the embedded stuff anyway, though no processor has be confirmed as yet, boy they like to sping surprises!

I've also had a look at game creation systems, like darkbasic, torque and game maker, don't know what to think about them, though I could see them being of help.

Anyway I'm starting to flannel, so as usual all comments, suggestions good or bad welcome!

Have a fun week!




Mmmmm! Game development is certainly different!

Well first off let ma say thank you to all you kind people who responded with such encouraging and positive comments, believe me it really is appreciated. I just hope I can put something of equal measure back into this fine community.

I have registered my website site today, and hopefully get it up and running soon. It's http://www.1000yardstare.co.uk for those who may be interested, but as I say there's nothing there yet, if you wish check back in a week or two. This step has now added some committment and a little more enthusiasm to learn and get things done.

I want to use the site to put up some of my initial work, just to get something out there and get some feedback on it, as there is no better way to learn than from your peers.

My plans are to basically do the following:
Learn the appropriate math, in theory and practice
Learn C++, properly, as my research has lead me to believe this is the way to go
Read Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, while reading Game Coding Complete
Do a small game from start to finish

I have various ideas for games, though one I idea I have for a real-life simulation would require very very little graphics and could easily be done in basic, though it would be massive, so I'll keep this one buring away in the background doing it bit by bit, while I learn how to write Far Cry 10!

As always, comments and suggestions good or bad welcome.




Here we go then!

Well here we go, the start of a long, and hopefully rewarding, journey into the distant lands of game programming.

I'm 35, been programming embedded systems and various other business solutions for around 15 years. I'm now bored with that, I want challenge and excitement. More than that though, I want to do what I've always dreamed of doing, but until now has been very distant, the need to feed a family, pay bills and keep my house has been my main priority, and taken up nearly all of my time.

Now though, I have some freedom, my kids are getting more independant, my financial committments are easing, and I now have some time, so now I'm going to have to put in a lot of planning into using that time effectively to maximize the learning and experience necessary to write games, not just games, but great games that people would want to play, and maybe even games that may get me a job offer with some games company.

Oh, I should say that my interest would be in 3D games, FPS, racing, RPG and RTS, preferably on Windows, Linux and *BSD platforms, I'm not sure about consoles as yet as I don't really know how easy/difficult they would be to program for.

Anyway, if anyone dares read this, and has any suggestions at all, even if its your too old granda stick with SQL, please feel free to make them.

Have fun today!



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