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aspect to read about mobile/java game Programming and other related subjects

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arrggghhhh damn i am falling through the journal list.

I have changed the purpose of this journal I will only write about
mobile game programming and related issues. I dont have the time to write about personal stuff I waste alot of value programming time, and I think its only my mother that will read it. [smile]

I have dropped the space shooter game for now because I will focus on making my puzzle game finished first, and i have som more interesting game idea's for mobile phones, more on that later.

I have updatet the progress on my puzzle game to 75% so in a few weeks it will be possible to download and try it.

Thats all for now folks.




New Enemy sprite for space shooter

Well now I have coded a couple of hours on my MOP game so I have got a little further, but it's a pain to start up again after a holiday, I can't remember where I got to[headshake] and its not coming as easy as before the holiday, But now I am up in gear again

I have also made a new enemy sprite to my space shooter game and it looks like this. (note that the sprite is enlarged the original is 30*30 pixel its for a phone)

Then I have desisted that I want to make a personal website, where you can download the applications I made. I got a good head start on it this weekend so I hope that its ready in 2-3 weeks the same time I aspect the MOP game to be released (in its first beta version)

Is there anyone who now about the GD Showcase, can I list my mobile games there or is only for pc games?




jap is back

In the past week there hasn't be much time for coding. From Monday to Thursday I was on holiday with my family as I mentioned in my last post. It was a great holiday where we didn't do much besides play with the kids and relaxing.

When I got home Thursday it was concert time, one of my friends has invited me to a concert with one of the greatest Danish bands ever THE SANDMEN they haven't made any new material in a decade but now they made a new album and its great.[cool]

That's all for now, got to get some coding done I am way behind schedule.




My deepest respect to all game artist

I will give my deepest respect to all you game artist out there I have tried to make some sprites to my space game, damn that take a lot of patience and time. But I have made 3 off my sprites for the game the spaceship, bright star, and the bullet the spaceship should fire. Now I only need to make 5-6 enemies and a couple of bosses.[wow]

It looks like this. (note that the sprites is enlarged the original is max 30*30 pixel its for a mobile phone game)

My greatest frustrations while making the sprites is how the animation would look like (my paint program do's not give the opportunity to se the animation) therefore I was forced to make use of my sprites in the game while I was making them. It takes a lot of time to start and stop the game for every change to the sprite. Therefore I was thinking of developing a sprite player some should be able to take a spritesheet or one frame at a time and play the sprite animation, there is probably a lot of program out there that can do that but what the hell its fun to write your own.

I have also be doing some coding on my MOP game I have implemented a local HiScore so I only needs 7 headlines for that my game Is finish 8-). The headlines of what I am missing.
Global hiscore (hiscore there is saved on the net)
Options 9 or 12 pieces
Implement some sound
Make a proper exception handling (some nice messages)
Optimize code, images and sound (to get the jar size down)
And a lot of testing (when I my self has tested the app on some different
handsets I will release a beta version and hope there is people that will help me test the game)
Optimize the PHP server.

Well that's all for now, by the way I am on holiday until Thursday so you will get some peace until then [grin]





Well since my last post, I have developed a little on my puzzle game,
I have made a menu there can be called while playing I have made
the menu transparent so you can see the puzzle beanie it.

I have made the menu instead of placing menu items in the bottom of the phone screen because i will use the whole screen size for the puzzle.

The solution to my riddle in the last post is 10010
it's the multiplication chart for 3 in binary. 3,6,9,12,15, (18
Thats all for now




Screendumps of MOP

As I promised in an earlier post here is some screenshots of my MOP mobile
online puzzle game showing a game there is just started and a screenshot where
the puzzle is just solved.

Puzzle is unsolved

puzzle is solved

The puzzle is now working and is playable on a Sony Ericsson w810i emulator, in
the upcoming days I will test it on some different devices to see how it
goes. I believe that there will be some adjustment of the code when I try it on different handsets. I believe that I can have a test version of the game within a month or so.

I have upgraded my progress in the top of the screen
MOP from 25 to 30% (I have made the server code but there is a lot of polishing to do)
Space game from 10 to 15% (yes it still needs a name)

I have this riddle; see if you can solve it what is the next combination.

11, 110, 1001, 1100, 1111, ?

I post the correct answer in my next post




Just some thoughts about multiplayer mobile games

I keep reading/hearing about that mobile games should be multiplayer games because thats going to be the new BIG hit in mobile game development.

I dont disagree with that But.
Before multiplayer games going to be a hit on mobile phones
the operators have to lower there prizes on GPRS connections or else this wont be a hit in any near future.

When people been forced to pay 1-2$ for one MB of data (and dont forget you are paying for both send and receiving data).

The next there are to it, is that a game for mobile phones should be a game you can pick up and play for 5-10 minutes or so while you are waiting for a bus (thats my opinion). I dont think that major RPGs or something like that ever going to be a hit on mobile phones because of the small screens and bandwidth prizes even if the prizes is lowered there is the small screen left and lets face it there is other hardware there is better to play that kind of games on.

If you want to make a multiplayer game for mobile phones I think that you should make some casual games where people can connect to a game server and play against each other for 5 or 10 minutes and then log off.

If you think I am missing something or disagree with my thoughts then leave a comment I would like to hear what you are thinking of the subject.




my weekend in short

Thanks for the kind words and rating to the welcome committee 8-)

I spend my weekend on my space shooter game, I have added some collision detection and explosion animation, when the spaceship bump in to an enemy.

My main concern right now, is my sprites to small the spaceship and enemy's are 20*20 pixels in width and height the screen size I am concentration on is 176*220 witch is a scale 1:11 (11 spaceships in height) maybe I should try with sprites 30*30 and see have that turns out.
Do there exist some guideline for have big/small your sprites have to be when you are making a game to a particular screensize for instance that sprites used on a 640*460 screensize must be 64*64 or is it just what you think is great.

You have to have some more patience, as I promised in my previous post I will post some screenshoots of my project but I want to get a little further.

(I know its still weekend for alot of you but mine is over soon -
to you who have some weekend left make the bedst of it and produce some brilliant code)




My first post

Well this is my first post to my journal. This journal will consists of what's going on in my life and my progress in developing application for mobile phones and PDA's in particular game developing.

Personal info
My name is Jack Petersen and I live in Denmark. I am married have 3 kids, they are 3,10 and 12 years old one boy and 2 girls.

I 'am working in a larger financial firm in Denmark, I have worked there for over 8 years now, my job profile is programming J2EE applications, J2EE architect and project manager for small and middle size projects.

When I have some free time I use it mainly to code, applications for mobile handset's using C++ or J2ME and c++ PHP for the server side.

I am kind a newbee in mobile game development so it will take sometime before my first game is ready because I have to learn how to crawl before I can walk.

I am currently working on a mobile game that is a kind of space shoot'em up. I started it because I wanted to make a starfield on my mobile, when I succeeded with that, I have added more and more features to it, but it is far from done yet. In the near future I will post some screenshots of it.

The second project I am working on is a slide puzzle game also for a mobile. The twist to this game compared with existing puzzle games is that this puzzlegame downloads the puzzle from the net. I started this project because I was very surprised that people been charge 3-5$ for a game with one single puzzlegame.

Now you properly ask why are you doing two projects at the same time, that's because I like to shift between project so when I am tired of one project, I can shift over and make something different.
I try to have max 3 projects running at the same time.

That's all for now.



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