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in case I don't see ya, good night

Well I just completed my final in what my Uni labels Math 300. What have I taken away from this class? A deep respect for those that can do this stuff as if it were addition and subtraction. Also a clearer insight into what math is really about. I know for sure there was one guy that blew the curve on this final. In any case at least I feel good that I understood the material. Now could I prove that R is uncountable. Not likely right now (give me a week or so), but the concept of equinumerous sets is quite cool. To think that way back when I took college algebra I thought functions were just a notation. Ya ok... I want to go back to the simple times... When
Ohh and I now agree with my prof. Calculus is not really real math. I am not sure if he was joking when he said this, but i will agree anyway.

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night




Some random initial impressions of OS-X

I have been wondering if I should make the switch to Macs / OS_X or not. I have wondered if this is simply a drive to jump on the band wagon. Am I going to by a VW next...

I have used Mac's in the past. I really enjoyed using the Mac Classic, and I remember using the Applet IIc in grammar school (note: I could probably use some re-schooling in grammar). However, my thoughts were less enthusiastic with OS-9. I could crash the entire OS with a buss error using a java applet. As time passed and they made the switch to a Unix base, I started to look closer at Macs. Once they switched to Intel based chips I was/am pretty much sold on the idea.

Well as luck would have it I did not have to spend 3K on a Mac Pro to find out I really like the OS. I was gifted an older Mac Mini G4. I love this OS. From the preloaded apps to the dash board to the desktop management tools. It is nice.

I am coming from a background of developing on a Sun Ultra 60. All but a small fraction of a application I developed and maintain is written in Java. I decided to see if I could build my apps on this little box. At first I tried using X-Code. This went horibly wrong. Then I though this is a Unix based system, so let's use it like one. So open terminal and type 'python'. Yes. I use python and scons to build my apps. Because the modules span multiple projects, using ANT is a pain in the ass (Plus there is some C code). Anyway, to my plesent supprize everything just worked. However, I did have to install NetBeans in order to work on my project. X-Code just does not 'seem' to cut it when it comes to web based applications. However, X-Code is quite nice for developing applications. I am refreshing my C, and it has been a smooth process with X-Code.

My only gripes are the lack of multiple X sessions. I miss multiple desktops very very very much. It is an invaluable tool when developing. I guess you could say I became very attached to it. From what I hear they are putting this in in the next version of the OS. I also miss being able to view the entire unix files system. For some reason I can not make the finder view it all. I end up using FireFTP at the moment.

On the OS side. I most definitely have only touched the surface. Finder is pretty damn cool. Everything is accessible and intuitive. I am very impressed with this OS. Networking with the other windows and unix boxes has been painless. Airport has worked fine with my networking gear. Burning and ripping CD's just works. The nice thing about using all this stuff is I only consulted a manual a couple of times.

Anyway enough of the mac love fest....



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