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The design for my 4 Elements competition entry has finally begun. I only discovered the competition about a week ago and I have finally broken through and designed a game. I still have many choices to be made (3D or isometric, To use Game Maker, Torque, Irrlicht or learn OpenGL C++ programming!?) but at least I now have a story, some script written, a modified map of Europe and some concept art.

Anyway here is a modified map of Europe created by one of the NPC's in the game known as Arthur Green. He works for the evil Papal Government but is secretly helpin the resistance (you!). Here is the map and the forword that is written on the back.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Written on back:
I hope that this document aids the resistance movement through Europe and does not fall into papal-friendly hands. The document may or may not be accurate as my access to the libraries and archives are limited. Good luck.
- A.F. Green
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