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My first game.

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Since I've released the demo of my game I've been spending most of this week thinking of how to market it.
My selling strategy is to use paypal to do the sales directly from my website. I'll probably sell the game for $9.95.
Marketing ideas and suggestions are most welcome.




OK it's my second day as a GDNet+ member.

I guess I should get down to business and stop talking about being a new GDNet+ member, here we go...
I uploaded a demo of my game to my website www.gwimgrafxstudios.com yesterday, and just after uploading I discovered a bug. If you downloaded the game you probably saw the bug which brings out the message, "Sqrt: DOMAIN ERROR", we all know what this means. To cut the story short I discovered the problem was a code change I had done, so I've made the correction and I'm uploading the demo again.
I'm about to start putting together the 10 levels that will make the game. I already have the models done. I wish I had more models of ancient castles and temples to explore but I currently don't have the budget to get a 3D modeller to model for me.
If you are a 3D modeller/artist and you are interested please contact me. We can agree on a percentage of the game sales.
Thats all Folks![cool]




I welcome myself

Hi, there.
I hereby welcome myself to the world of journals. I'm a newly signed up GDNet+ member.
I'm looking forward to telling you more about the game I'm developing and hearing your comments and criticisms.



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