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Covers my slowly developing RTS as well as my forays into XNA when I get curious

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Bug fixes!

So after the competition ended I took a little break but have decided to try and finish up Bug Tower so that I can call it done and move back on to working on my RTS. So I've managed to fix the following issues:

Bug on Bug collision is now working (before they ran through each other)
Bugs don't just jitter around a 5 space grid. Turns out this was because when I limited the player to moving only after collecting gems, I inadvertantly made the bugs require gems to move to, except they reset back to the default value... sigh!
Continued working on allowing the view to zoom out. Map, player, and bugs work. Need to update the power-ups and gems.
Fixed the issue where the upper left corner was disappearing.




And so it begins...

I figure it'd be appropriate to have my first journal post be about the first game I've completed in a few years ;) - Bug Tower. While perusing Programmer16's journal I saw his mention of the MAGIC contest going on and I had been thinking of doing something scoped to a few days in XNA to try it out. Combine that with about 12 hrs of time this week and it just seemed right.

You can find it here (XNA refresh 1.0 redist not included). I welcome any comments!

At first it started out as a little explore the tower, get treasure thing but in spirit of the contest I thought it needed something a bit different. So I changed it to require gem collection to enable the crawl, which worked out nicely. The downfall of that approach is it means the level design makes or breaks the game. I spent all of 1 hr "designing" the level and trying to get it somewhat of a challenge, but it clearly needs a lot more thought. I also had planned to zoom out and give a better overview of the tower for planning the route with the distance restriction but ran out of time. Will have to revisit this next week or so if I can find some more free time.

Also need to track down some of the rendering bugs, at the last minute I went from a layer approach to using a z order for the sprites to enable some more interesting effects. This worked for the most part but introduced some anomalys that I never got back to before submission.

Overall a very fun experience, I wound up spending about 1-3 hrs each day on it until Today's 4+ hour run - so all told I spent around ~17 hrs on it. Including time to look for art, sound, learn/install XNA (burned an hour to get it up and running on my 360 as well but that was a satisfying journey).



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