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change of plan

My plan was to build a browser game where multiplayers develope a single

character, class beggar, into a millionaire. And the name of it was "Millionaire

Maker." Concept was simple. Players play a character like in RPG: do the quest,

solicit items from sponsors, and develope a character with new skills. Sponsors

support the beggar and place an item in his inventory. And Items are used to

cure the beggar's state. I thought this will give sponsors exposure while

players have fun.

But I found out that people won't play it because they are so used to fantastic

graphic and interface. Mine was just text-base, no fancy animation, and "profile

-like" interface. I let my friends play it and no one found it fun. T.T

After lots of trial, error, and brainstorming, I modify it into a guessing game.

I ask players "Can you guess how much the beggar will make by the time he gets

1,000 support?" and they keep checking and guessing the answer. Sponsors support

the beggar and display their image / ad / logo on homepage. When a player's

guess hit the mark, he wins 10% of the total support. This will give players

fun and money, while sponsors have great exposure to players and visitors.

I think no fancy stuff needed this time because it is a simple guessing game.

Good luck to you and me!





Picture Above Shows Concept of This Game.

Sponsors Support "The Online Bum(TOB)." In Exchange, TOB Place Their
Links on Inventory, in Form of "Item," and Sponsors Get Visits from Players
and Visitors. As TOB Deveolped, The Game will Become an Issue and More People
will Play and Visit TOB; This will Generate Huge Traffics to Sponsors.

Players are Agents of TOB; They Gather Sponsors, Visitors, and New
Players by Contact Them Directly or by Press Release, in Form of "Skill". And
By Doing This, They Gain Achievement, Entertainment, and Commissions.

Visitors Visit TOB to Satisfy Curiosity of Who Millionaire Beggar is And
They Take Part in Generating Traffics to Sponsors. And They Could Become One of

TOB Provides Interesting Stuff for Them to Have a Fun, in Form of "Quest".

To Be Continued...

Please Check Millionaire Maker And Give Me Some Feedbacks

Now, It Works Fine on FireFox.
Could Anyone Report Me If There is Browser Problem? Thanx





High school years... University years...
I always wanted to create an interesting website which has lots of visitors.
Because I believed the best way to make money is to have sponsors and drive
traffic to them. So I focused on web-based programming when I was in university.

And one day, this idea poped out. If I claim myself as a beggar and beg online
for sponsor to become a millionaire, creating beggar's website, then it could
be a hot issue and my sponsors would get lots of traffic. So I created one
right away and titled it "The Online Bum who Wanted to Become Millionaire with
Sponsors' Supports." And I placed few sponsors' links in text on index page to
drive traffic to them. I contacted press release distributer for publicity.
They wrote a press for me and distributed it, but Result was not good.

I found few problems with my idea. First, text link did not attract visitors.
Only 10% of visitors clicked it. Second, even though I had interviews with
newpaper companies, they hesitated to release press for me, because there were
not enough sponsors for my site to become an issue. But in order for my site to
become an issue, I needed them to release a press so I can get some sponsors. I
was very fustrated. But after few month, I found out that 60% of visitors
(newspaper related) are visiting back and they even added my site to favorites.
It meant my idea is still interesting and it could be a hot issue if there are
some progress made.

So to make my site succesful, I had to fix two problms. Make sponsors link
attractive and make a progress before press release. After few hour of brain
storming, I got an answer. I decided to make "The Online Bum" as a browser
game in which Multiplayers develop a virtual beggar into millionaire. I decided
to create sponsor's link in images, in form of "Magic Items", to fix first
problem and to create a game as RPG with a "Quests" to fix second problems.
Also, I decide to give commissions to players for actual benefit besides fun.

To Be Continued...

Please Check Millionaire Maker

P.S. Guys, often my pages were not loaded fully.. So I have to refresh.. Is this my poblem? or server problem?



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